Let This Sink In For A Minute

I understandYou aren’t paranoid, they really are out to get you.

I have to say that what I have noticed over the years is that the people that come here and leave comments all pretty much fall into the WOKE category.

They are aware things are very much not right and are seeking answers.

I’m sorry to say I don’t have them. I, like they, am searching also.

I do know that my mistrust of anything to do with the government goes all the way back to my early childhood.

As in third fucking grade.

The older I get and the more that gets uncovered just reinforces that distrust until it has hardened into a Titanium strength core attribute.

So yeah, I have a custom fit tin foil hat.

Anyone that doesn’t at this point is either dumber than a box of rusty hammers ( see above ) or The Enemy.

I swiped that graphic from an anonymous source so I can’t give credit for it but whoever came up with it sees our world as it is.

Sometimes I piss people off because I say what I mean and mean what I say, as someone recently noted in the comments.

I’m not diplomatic and I am the antithesis of Politically Correct.

The first is what I consider artful lying, the second is censorship writ large.

I’m also pretty much a realist, my days of idealism are long behind me.

To those of you who swing by here on a regular basis, you have my thanks and from the bottom of my heart, you are my kind of people.

Keep your eyes open, there are things happening behind the scenes in our country that will affect the coming generations.

Hopefully, they will won’t have to deal with some of the terrible shit we have had to endure.

They will have their own challenges, there is always something .

But just maybe, we will live long enough to see justice served on those who’s malignancy has been a boot on our throats for far too long.

All I want is to be free.

Nothing less and nothing more.

May God help us all realize that dream .

15 thoughts on “Let This Sink In For A Minute

  1. This country has very little resemblance to the one I grew up in. I have said for a long time that it is time to get rid of democrats. I guess now that includes pansies, snowflakes, etc.


  2. 6th grade for me in history class, and because nuclear war drills–crouch under desk–i knew would just result in millions of dead bodies crouched under desk; and only the blessed would be dead.
    the history was wrong and i didn’t know about abe lincoln’s ’emancipation’ then or i’d have been noisier about it all.
    i understand that history in elementary schools these days is closer to total balderdash than it was 60 years ago. [ pilgrims-people who liked to travel].
    at least then the outline was accurate.


  3. You’re making an argument in favor of homeopathy here. Dose/concentration, not mere exposure, is what counts in toxicology.

    That said, the Deep State/Cabal is real, and they’ve been in charge a long time. It is a certainty that the Deep State/Cabal directed the murders of JFK and RFK and the attempted murders of Ford and Reagan. The triggermen are irrelevant, but convenient distractions.

    Trump should see to it that his family spends most if not all of its time outside the US, and he should be making arrangements for political asylum for himself and is family in reliable countries.


  4. Yep very much agree. The education system is totally worthless now. Here is an example; the local pub I go to hired 2 new young bartenders. They did not make it through the first shift. The cash register is old and does not tell them how to make change when you pay your tab. The one girl took a $20 for $7.25 tab to the register and simply froze up. She left in tears, poor child.


  5. Stay frosty, brother. One of my favorite movie lines, from “The Princess Bride”—
    “Live is pain, Princess. Anyone who says it’s not is selling something”.

    Here is something I wrote a few years back—

    I was stationed in (formerly) West Germany during the mid-70’s. During a weeklong R&R, my buddy and I decided to take a tour of Dachau. For me, it proved to be an epiphany, although not for the reasons anyone might think at first.

    My father was a B17 pilot during WWII and flew 35 combat missions over Europe. Among other things, this sparked my keen interest in WWII history, so I had read about the concentration camps long before I went on the tour.

    It’s times like this that I wish I had a better command of the English language. The best I can come up with to describe the tour is that it brings on a cascade of emotions, some seemingly contradictory.
    The first thing we saw was this–

    –which translates to “Work will make (you) free.” It is both grotesque propaganda and macabre prophecy.

    It was a bright, sunny day that seemed somehow inappropriate for the occasion and at the same time a reminder that life moves on.

    Everyone on the tour speaks in quiet voices, walks softly, as if at a funeral, which is as it should be.

    One side of your brain digests all the numbers and photos and other input, while the other side just cannot wrap itself around the totality of horror that went on there for years. At the same time, I felt a sense of pride that I wore the uniform of one of the armies that put an end to it.

    When I was there, the ovens were still in place, doors open, with ash still inside. There was a simple rope barrier about five feet in front. A metallic glint caught my eye in one of the ovens. As I leaned over the rope for a closer look, I saw that it was an expended camera flash cube. Someone had tossed their trash into an oven at Dachau. Thus came my epiphany.

    The battle against evil is not over, will never be over. Evil will always be aided by apathy and deliberate ignorance, and fueled mostly by envy and greed. I agree with the old saw that there is nothing new under the sun. However, there are new generations who need to be taught their history.

    Given the state of world affairs today, I am reminded of the book (and movie) title “Something Wicked This Way Comes”.

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  6. Back when I was in High School in the mid-50’s Alfred E. Neuman’s “What Me Worry” was the key phrase when we played baseball on a dusty field and tackle football on that same field with the only protection a sweat shirt and jeans. Slide rules were the cutting edge technology and pocket protectors mandatory to keep your Schaeffer fountain pen from staining your Sears shirt. No one I knew in High School was fat, and I still have my year book to prove it. Now I’m teetering on 76 I see the country about to fall into a gender-neutral, It’s all about me, it’s my right, I deserve, I can live without my smart phone abyss that there is no escape from. I never saw a cop in my High School ever. The most horrifying event that happened was when two guys duked it out till both tired and went their separate ways forgetting 20 minutes later what the dust up was all about. My only fervent wish is that I die in my sleep rather than be T-boned by a Lincoln Navigator driven 30 mph over the limit by a 5ft-1in blonde babe texting her golfing partner to see what the condition of the 9th green is like.


  7. You believe that people in power are lying to you and everyone else in order to control you (which is exactly what’s been happening), But you believe in the most ridiculous and insidious lie of all – the invisible wizard in the sky who knows when you’re sleeping and knows when you’re awake and knows if you’ve been bad or good. If you make people believe they’re always under surveillance then they’ll behave like they are and you don’t even have to be watching in order to control them. You’ve been duped by a much bigger lie then whether fluoride in the water is good or bad. Stop being silly.


    • You have failed to grasp the meaning of the word “infinite”, Medusa.
      That’s not a failure to be ashamed of, however. None of us can wrap our 1100 cc brains around it.
      Look up Kurt Gödel.


  8. Feeling a mite pessimistic today.

    By splitting the atom, human intelligence may well have proven itself to be a lethal mutation.

    We should have stuck to worshipping rocks, building mud-brick houses and hacking each other to death with bronze swords – because it looks like we’re headed right back to that stage of social, intellectual, religious and technological development.


  9. As a person trained in medicine and how things work physiologically, most of the stuff your referring to is over the top paranoia for people that don’t understand immunology, toxicology and pharmacology. With that being said, I agree this country is only a shell of what it was in my lifetime (53 years) and it has to do with establishment government representatives. Term limits should have been implemented a long long time ago. Cat’s out of the bag now, and I don’t ever see it being put back in. At least without a Revolution.


    • Rayvet,
      I am one of those who, while not being trained in medicine, know from my own life just exactly the limits of medical training. Case in point, my own medical condition. I have a few issues, but the main one that causes me the most trouble is classified as chronic, daily migraine, which is classified as common migraine, meaning no auras. I have a family history of migraines, with several others suffering from them, but none to the degree that I do. I also have in my background at least 5 concussions dating back to high school, when I played football at a fairly high level, with college a definite possibility, but one I turned down.
      So now that I am 58 years old next month, one would think that the doctors would have my condition under control, to the point where I can at least be able to function. However, I am currently on social security disability, and most likely will be forever. I have been to every neurologist within 50 miles of my home, some even further, and none of them will see me anymore, they say that they can’t help me. I have been to a headache clinic, I have been to a state university hospital, all to no avail. I still continue to get the same number and severity of migraines that I have for several years, having gotten worse over the last several years. I worked for over 35 years in a steel producing facility, so I am not a person trying to hide from working.
      In all the time that I have had migraines, basically my entire adult life, doctors have gone from thinking that they are caused by blood vessels in the brain, to chemistry, ala dopamine or seratonin levels in the brain, and now they are thinking I don’t even know. All I know is that the drugs companies have a brand new drug out, that is just topamax only this time in a timed release formula, as if that is a real step forward.
      I try every year of two to have a new doctor try something new, but what I find is that I know volumes more about migraine disease than even seasoned doctors do. That is not putting them down, it is simply recognizing the fact that unless a doctor faces something a lot, every day, they are not going to be as educated about it as someone who has spent most of their lives educating themselves about it, simply trying to find a treatment for themselves. And so it is for some of the issues with various immunizations and other wonders of modern medicine.

      The development of immunizations was a boon to humankind, and has saved countless lives, about that there can be no doubt. From Polio to Smallpox, to Measles, and some of the other diseases that used to cause horrific problems, modern medicine has indeed wiped them out for the most part. But when you see a Measles epidemic, it does make you step back and wonder, just how effective the Measles vaccine is, if most children have been immunized, and only a tiny fraction have not, and yet an outbreak can still happen. Are those who have been vaccinated becoming infected with the virus? And if so, what does that say about forcing a vaccine on each child, when a parent should have the choice of whether or not to put a foreign substance into their child if it is not 100% guaranteed to work. Especially when reading the literature that comes with the vaccination, that lists the possible bad outcomes of the vaccination. You can say that those are rare, but what if it is your child that becomes brain damaged as a result, or dies or some other possible side effect? Will you then say, well, the benefit outweighs the risk, knowing that it will be your child that dies?
      Yes, Curmudgeon, those of us who read this might tend to be considered tin foil hat types. Or maybe, just maybe, we prefer to think of ourselves as cautious, and having our eyes wide open. I took a flu shot last year, at the urging of my doctor. Then a short time ago, I found out that the shot was only around thirty some percent effective. Now, I am not sure what the list of possible side effects are for the flu shot is, but I wonder if my taking that shot was worth a third reduction of my chance of getting the flu, as compared to the possible side effects. Hell, just watch the television advertisements for the drugs, and the list of side effects will scare the living daylights out of you.
      This drug to stop redness on your arms, can also cause everything from heart failure, to your dick falling off. But hey, go to our website and get a coupon for a reduced price on your first month.
      The medical establishment is indeed a modern miracle, and does some amazing things. I broke my back 30 years ago, and now it hurts every day. My wife broke hers a month ago, and they fixed her right up, with just a one inch incision, a balloon, and some cement that they injected. They could have done the same thing for me, if I was hurt today. I do not mean to demean doctors, I only mean to point out that we must be not only partners in our care, but also the first and last word on what is going to happen in our treatment. Some doctors will not allow that, and if yours is like that, you need to seek a new doctor.


  10. Word. The Imperial Federal Government is a captured operation. They hate the individual and want us to die.
    I remember being told in 10th grade Government class that even tho’ the Soviet union claimed it was a Democracy, it really wasn’t because the communists chose the candidates.
    Hmmm. I asked. Who chooses ours?


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