7 thoughts on “Another School Shooting?

  1. My take on this. Ban Schools. If they can’t keep people from bringing weapons into schools and killing folks, then shut them down. The kids don’t learn anything but leftist liberal bullshit anyway.


    • Probably. Reports say his mom says he was ‘bullied’ in Junior High and High School.

      So what? So was I, rather badly, so much I never went near my locker. I never killed anyone (thought about it a lot, some really good fantasies about it, in fact, but I never acted upon any of those thoughts because, well, I was raised better than that.)


  2. I read that the kid who did the shooting was a devil-worshipper.

    Phil, what was it that you said about the Deep Staties coming unglued? Was it Weiner, Podesta, or both that had that satanic garbage on his hard drive?

    I get scared sometimes, because I’m not out of the woods yet. My furry, four-legged burglar alarm helps a lot, though.

    Best regards to all from Fuzzbucket and myself.


    • “Weapons of war”, such as wooden clubs and sharp rocks, must be banned. You might poke your eye out!

      The State knows what’s best for you.

      The Lunatic Left will find some way to squeeze more propaganda out of this.


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