This, Right Here, Is Why I Left The GOOGLE/Blogger Platform

I do not know the back story on this, I had never heard of this Blog. I saw this referenced on a Q research thread over at 8Chan and am not going to link to it. I just copied and pasted the relevant parts. You can see an archived version of this here.

Read the following and see the writing on the wall.

100% censorship, with multiple threats backing it up.



Tuesday, May 15, 2018


After 7 million hits and being hand-deleted by Google and the Wayback archive as well, it has been “suggested” to me that I remove this blog. I am complying. Sorry I cannot continue. I am sure regulars knew something was wrong. I am keeping the domain name but was “asked” to take this specific blog down for good. I did not want to be “asked” twice so I am complying with this “request.” I discovered tonight that I had already been placed on a “special” list by higher-ups at Google and do not want to advance to “another” list. I was told that this course of action was the peaceful resolution.

Sorry again, I cannot talk about this and I am certain many people can figure out what has happened. I was informed that this would not escalate after I complied so I am ending Vault-Co after 17 years online. I cannot elaborate for reasons that should be obvious. I am just a single unaffiliated blogger who started this blog for free and has never advertised on it after 17 years. Apparently I warranted “special” handling. Thanks to all regular readers.

Like I said, I don’t know the whole story here but I saw this kind of shit coming and bailed the fuck out before they could pull this kind of shit on me.
If I was this guy, I would have done exactly what I actually did.
I would have moved over here to WordPress, transferred every motherfucking post from Blogger along the way and then stuck my middle finger high in the air for those motherfuckers to see.
17 fucking years and he folded like a cheap suit.
That sure as shit ain’t my style. Mine is more like Fuck You, watch this instead.
There must have been something they really didn’t want people to see.
So I don’t think I need to point out to anyone that is still Blogging on the Blogger platform and has a Right leaning political slant that you should move now and take all of your archives with you.
That would be redundant.
It’s your Blog, you do what you want with it.
As for me?
Fuck Google
Just for the irony and to add a little kick to the nuts, I used Google Images to find that.
Rotten cocksuckers.

7 thoughts on “This, Right Here, Is Why I Left The GOOGLE/Blogger Platform

  1. “Pravda is authorized to announce…”

    Disqus did much the same thing to me after I referred to the Iranian Al-Quds Brigade monkeys as “goat-humping, towel-headed jihadi assholes” – mustn’t offend anyone, you see.

    I haven’t had any warm and fuzzy feelings for Google lately, either. They’ve started using the East German ‘Stasi’
    Mindfuck Manual as their operating guide, so they can take a flying leap at a rolling doughnut.

    Things just seem to get worse and worse, despite the monumental pushback from the Constitutional Right.


  2. Wow- I had no idea that archived sites at WayBack Machine could be deleted. I thought the whole purpose of it was to preserve sites that are either no longer online or for historical review. WTF ??

    What is this “escalate” crap? “Escalate” to whom? The Google Board of Censorship?


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