I Need Feminism Because…

It’s fucking hilarious.

You want to see some fucked up shit?

Check these bitches before and after pictures.

Before, when they were almost normal and after, when they became something you wouldn’t even want to be on the same side of the street with.

This is what Feminism looks like today.

Let the Freak Show begin.


Brain Damage.

That shit’s enough to make Little Willy play turtle right there.


If you are into self abuse, there is more of where this came from over at Ebaum’s World.

14 thoughts on “I Need Feminism Because…

  1. Pathetic. Self-mutilating, self-hating “virtue-signaling” by little children with no impulse control.

    Charlie Manson’s “girls” did shit like this when they carved swastikas into their foreheads.

    Same shit, different day. Any form of self-mutilation is okay, so long as “The Group” approves.


  2. There’s a lot of talk about what sociopathologies fatherless homes do to boys.

    This what happens in fatherless homes to a generation of women with “daddy” issues.


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