Israel Is Last

I’m sure everyone has seen the news about the violence over in Israel to day after the opening of our new embassy in Jerusalem. Over 50 Palestinians killed while protesting it.

I am going to take a step off the deep end for some of you.

This Q anon outfit I have been following for months now long ago said that Trump has a plan.

That plan included North Korea, Iran and several other countries being freed from the Deep State and the NWO assholes behind it.

If you have been paying even the slightest bit of attention, you will have seen what has happened with North Korea and most recently, Iran.

Here is what I am referring to when I say Israel is last.

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 88957f 613229 📁
We are saving Israel for last.
Very specific reason not mentioned a single time.
The prolific threads on the 8ChanQreasearch board I have been reading for the last several months have been many things at once, enlightening, irritating, cryptic and downright weird at times. If you click on that link, be aware that you have to scroll down the page to the current thread (they call it Bread) in the Q Research General section.
One thing it has repeatedly been though, is way ahead of what you see in the news.
Way, way ahead.
The reason for that is this Q group drops hints and bits of intelligence way out in front of what you see happening as a reaction in the MSM news.
!UW.yye1fxo ID: 25b191 563238 📁
Future proves past.
You have so much more than you know.
Biggest intel drop in our known history.
In response to these “Drops”, the people researching this information start digging the internet looking for corroborating information, proof of misdeeds and /or illegal activity.
The amount of dirt they have dug up on the bad guys around the world since last October is staggering.
All this information has been saved Offline.
Reading through this information will open your eyes as to how vast and pervasive the conspiracies are, the heinousness of crimes that have been committed and the depravity of the people responsible for them. Human trafficking, Pedophilia rings involving senior politicians from around the world, Organ harvesting, Satanism, the list of fucked up shit would fill a dictionary.
The one thing that you can know, without ever taking a peek over there is,
The Deep State and the NWO crowd have been mortally wounded.
President Trump vowed to go after them and he has delivered on that promise in spades.
The fight isn’t over yet but their capacity to wreak havoc behind the scenes has been severely compromised.
In case you weren’t aware, there is currently a pile of sealed indictments somewhere back in D.C. that has passed the 25,000 mark.  (links to dated article)
Twenty Five Thousand.
That is an unheard of number of indictments.
The Deep State bad apples must be shitting themselves.
So keep your eyes open, there is much fuckery going on behind the scenes.
You absolutely will not see a shred of it on the MSM, except for them trying to discredit what is going on.
They are a major part of the problem, are in the cross hairs also and are intensely aware of that fact.
There is a plan for world peace, it is being worked on very carefully,
 Israel is very much part of that plan.
In case you are prone to scoff at all these claims I have just made, you need to watch this 5 minute video from Trumps campaign.
He laid all this out up front and has been delivering on it ever since.

11 thoughts on “Israel Is Last

  1. Had I not seen a very small part of the tip of the iceberg in person, with my very own eyes, I would dismiss this as fiction. However…

    The hammer can’t fall quickly enough to suit me. Justice delayed is justice denied.

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  2. Israell is last…..wait a minute!?!?!? I don’t follow Q; too mind bending for this old goat……BUT, I do listen to anyone that seems to have a handle on his posts……so Israel is last?!?!?!?! Does Trump mean that he is going to quit!??!?! No, no, no, I want Trump to CONTINUE!! I want Trump to continue to eviscerate the swamp creatures! I want Trump to finally pull that plug on those pedophiles and hang them up on the gallows. Please tell me that this message means that he is done straightening out world problems and he will come back to the USA and kill the beast!!!



  3. Always thought Pizzagate is what will bring them down. Pizzagate has many purposes but as an instrument of control, via blackmail, it can’t be beat.
    It is because the heinous nature of it and the hedonism combined with hubris, that Pizzagate will end up being their downfall, something which all involved can never regain that fig leaf, the illusion of legitimacy, they have required in order to garner consent of there governed, hence political power, mostly from tacit consent, but consent as crucial to running the entire grift. (Though the awakening and the growth of The Honorable Resistance, has an audacity and motive power all its own, which also can not be stopped). It becomes no surprise that through loosing HRC and the next faction of the regime expecting to take over after obama and his red diaper babies turn controlling running their organized crime syndicate, they all suffered enormous crisis of legitimacy. Only the most fanatical clinging to normalcy bias blinds norms and dirt people to the ugly truths behind the curtain all these last 100+ years of tyranny within a Republic. Think the timeless Chinese Mandate of Heaven.
    There is a dominos effect, it is in its early acceleration stage, and pretty soon it will obtain velocity which only stops when all the domino’s have tipped over. At a certain stage nothing can stop the effects. The expose of Pizzagate, those within its sphere of influence and control specifically;y are the straw that breaks the camel’s back. No sane American worth the patriotic title will excuse such evil and crimes against humanity. Quite literally, like planned parenthood and its organ legging, its a cash cow pipeline and a systematic genocide. The use of The State creating millions of murderers by “making abortion “legal” has created literally millions of lost souls, because It’s killing human babies no matter how its spun. You sold your soul in the ultimate Faustian bargain. You killed the tiniest most helpless soul. And through this created an entire set of generations with no moral compass. Murder is murder. Once you kill another human, you can never take it back. Like a Boolit. You create a culture that is like putty in your hands. It is the ultimate in tyranny. And its mainstreamed. The brilliance of the evil is itself even worse if that is possible.
    How can a people have a working conscious, a moral system which is healthy, that functions rationally, if you murdered the unborn child within your womb.
    See those pics of those woman before and after?
    They are female members of the human extinction movement.
    Are there any more useful dupes which exist?
    And so the same can be said of those within the blackmail system aka Pizzagate. Child sex slave snuff films. Cannabalism. Organ legging. Children used as objects for every perverted sick desire and whim, then sent to Planned Parenthood butcher shops to be parted out, the unprofitable remains discarded, the proceeds divvied up among the “elites”.

    Q maintains the people are not ready for the horrible truth in one vast gulp. He’s probably correct. The NYC Detectives who went through Wiener’s laptop and phone is purported to be so fucking sick, seasoned NYC cops puked upon seeing what our dear leaders of the deep state are into.
    Word is they are done waiting for the FBI to take action. The NYC Attorney general was exposed last week and he resigned & fled so fast it probably is a record. Somebody gave that prick holding up what Weiners laptop reveals the offer he couldn’t refuse.

    This system of blackmail runs deep. its tentacles reach into every form of politics of power and influence. The psychopath in a pantsuit was supposed to win so all this evil would remain locked from being exposed. Somebody seriously fucked up letting Trump past the gate keepers. Was it they didn’t have enough reserve percentage of vote fraud to anoint that fucking crazy bitch dicktator? Was it that magical plurality became a force of nature, and through some incredible serendipity or savings grace, providence maybe, become legion? And there was no way they could cheat on the vote count because the margin of fraud required was simply too large? Or did their arrogance and hubris blind them to what was running below their lofty radar?

    Its all collapsing. Short of killing President Trump and taking over before anyone can react, appointing a patsy in Trump’s place under the guise of “continuity of government, timed perfectly, declaring Martial law in order to rescind all 3 branches of checks and balances, so nobody can stop them before they can be stopped, what else in the ruling elites bag of tricks is there now to stop Mr. Trump so they can stop MAGA and the dirt peoples recourse of this Republic and its Western Christian Culture?

    Seriously. Its what we got to be thinking about as these motherfuckers are in a corner and become desperate. Even this cabal of cowards are very dangerous given the chance to pull the plug in one fell swoop.
    Hopefully Ol’ Trump has the kind of Military on his side which can stop such an attempted coup. I would like to think the guy is way ahead of me, and them. He sure hasn’t disappointed us yet.

    And if for whatever reasons, MAGA is inhibited to a certain degree when Mr. Trumps term is over, 2 years, or another four, these sonofabitches are gonna come out with a vengeance. Forget the Never Again Regan fucks, this turning they will have no options but to really come for our guns so no Deplorable’s have a chance to stop their precious globalist long march. At least I’m thinking thats how they will be thinking. Would you if you had been thwarted by a bunch of mouth breathers and knuckle draggers when you are the anointed ones the 5th column intelligentsia and Amerikan Nomenklaturer class had cleared the way for your assent to unlimited raw naked power over the dominion of Men of The West for a thousand years?


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  5. All I can say is God Bless You Mr. President. I have mixed feelings on the Q-Anon thing. I am praying the hammer falls on these evil shitweasels who’ve taken so much from us all and just never seem to have enough. The corruption is mind blowing. I pray Donald Trump can win this battle.


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