6 thoughts on “Tell The Truth,

  1. Ok, so what exactly was that? Some sort of tracer round that ricocheted? I was surprised at how long that thing stayed “lit up”.


  2. A Point here Us tracer rounds are red not white. If I remember correctly Russian tracer rounds are green. So this looks like a ILM fabrication job (like saving private Ryan)


  3. I don’t know jack or shit about these things, but is it possible that the white of the round was simply how damn hot it was because it is such a huge and fast round? They are pushed by exploding fire, remember. And that is one hell of a firearm. I don’t want one, but I would love to spend an afternoon shooting one, providing I didn’t have to pay for ammo.


  4. That had to be a .50 caliber sniper rifle – couldn’t tell what make or model, off the top of my head. Fun, but expensive to feed. .50 BMG isn’t cheap.

    Suitable for taking down elephants, giraffes, Kodiak bears, or anything more than a mile away.


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