9 thoughts on “Clever Bastard

  1. The guys we had take down a 65′ cottonwood used their bucket truck.

    And they had a lot of tricks they used to get that tree down in about 4 hours, including clean-up.


  2. He actually is pretty smart.

    Google any number of “Tree cutting fails” on YouTube to see 200 examples of the usual sort of “handyman” one engages, both professional and amateur, when you find out that a working understanding of basic workplace physics is lacking.


  3. This is a perfect example of the fact that some of the smartest people out there are not necessarily those with college degrees, but those who actually know things. This guy KNOWS things. I bet you could hand him a machine, and within just a short time, he could figure out not only what it does and how to use it, but also how to fix it. And this is the sort of person who will always be able to earn a living, no matter how much artificial intelligence is thrust upon the world. Young men, and women, this is the kind of person to emulate. Not some loser in a pink pussy hat or a professor who tells you that the world owes you something.


  4. I’m going to use that trick this summer. I have a big maple that is too close to the house that I have to cut down starting from the top.


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