Yes, Right There, Fuckery.

Run the fuck away, as fast as you can.



There be nothing but trouble and a metric assload of drama right there fellas.

5 thoughts on “Yes, Right There, Fuckery.

  1. WOmen do such false advertising from the age of abut 16. Push up bras, makeup to make ’em appear younger, or with better skin, or longer lashes,…

    Anything to make ;em appear younger, more fertile, and more attractive.

    It is, at the end, false advertising. It is a part of the culture of women.


  2. Why dogs or cats are better friends than women. They can’t lie effectively, and are obvious when they try to steal.

    In 58 years of life, I’ve met 3 (three) women who never tried to BS me in any way.


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