Walk The Walk Then Donny

I’ve had enough lip service to last me the rest of my life.


The Donald continued telling attendees that they have an administration in Washington that is “fighting to protect your Second Amendment, and we will protect your Second Amendment.”

He pledged that gun rights “will never, ever be under siege as long as I’m your president.”

9 thoughts on “Walk The Walk Then Donny

  1. He’s full of it.

    The Second Amendment is all but strangled to death. If you try to walk down Main Street USA with a holstered .45 auto on your hip, the Rabbit People will scream, clutch their pearls, point at you and faint. The death squads that pass for police these days will shoot you without hesitation, and they’ll get away with it.


    • Allow me to rephrase my previous comment.

      Another public relations hand-job in the media spotlight, from the Used-Car-Salesman-In-Chief.


          • Me three. I notice when Trump sez ‘We must do something about this!’, Progressives hopes rise, then fall when they realize Trump is going nowhere. People hear the words they want to hear then lose interest.

            When Trump innitiates action, then you can expect action.

            Hillary was so on-board with gun control during the election, she would have likely banned all of the Progressives wants. Assault weapons – magazines – licensing – likely all would have been passed in 1st six months of office.

            She hates us – she really duzzz !!! And she does not care who knows it because MSM, and Justice System will cover her tracks, just like before.


    • Depends on where you are. I can open carry (and do) here in Indiana. Cops might give you the ole “Hairy Eyeball” and might ask for your permit (legally, you gotta have one, we don’t have Constitutional Carry here), but they will be polite and respectful about it….and no hassles after that.

      I’ve done it even in liberal cities like Indy and Bloomington.


  2. Except bump stocks. Those are bad. Re: The Donald.
    Look. Bump stocks are fun. But they do nothing to enhance shooting accuracy. In fact they make it much more difficult to shoot well. If you watch the cell phone vids from the Las Vegas massacre and have any experience with firearms it is quite evident the shooter/s were using full auto weapons. Multiple shooters. Probably no bump stocks.


    • Agreed, there’s more to that incident than the FBI and local cops are saying. I’m not a conspiracy nut, but there was likely a few more than just the one dude.


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