German man ordered to pay child support after ex-wife forges signature (TWICE!) for IVF pregnancy

A woman in Germany forged her ex-husband’s signature twice to undergo IVF treatment with eggs fertilized by his sperm while they were married. Now a court has ruled he has to pay child support for a son he didn’t agree to have.

Five years ago, Karl and Inge gave their written permission for doctors at a local clinic to freeze Inge’s eggs fertilized with Karl’s sperm so they could have children later in life. (In Germany, last names aren’t given in court cases.)

After divorcing each other, Inge forged Karl’s signature twice to use a fertilized egg to become pregnant and gave birth to a boy.

The 37-year-old Karl had filed a lawsuit after he became legally obliged to provide child support following the birth of his son by his 42-year-old ex-wife.

A regional court in the southern German city of Munich ruled on Wednesday that he must provide financial support for his child who had been born without his explicit consent.

In his lawsuit, Karl argued that he should not be legally obliged to pay child support because he had revoked his permission for the eggs to be used after he split from his wife. He also argued that the clinic should take over financial support for the child.

But the court ruled against him after finding that Karl was not clear enough when he called the clinic to revoke his consent for the fertilized eggs to be used. The clinic, it added, had no reason to doubt the authenticity of the forged signatures.

The decision, made by the court’s medical malpractice section, is not legally binding.

This article originally appeared on Its content was created separately to USA TODAY.

I copied the article In Toto to include the relevant facts and gave links to the original content producer and the source I quoted.


Now then, where to begin with this absolute fucking travesty of justice.

I’m pretty sure I would would spend the next few years and every dime I had suing every motherfucker involved in this rat fucking operation.


First, I would sue that rotten bitch of an ex wife for full custody of the child on the grounds that she is an unfit mother using the facts above.


Then I would counter sue that fucking bitch for child support. Then I would sue that fucking clinic and everyone in it, then I would look into suing the fuck out of that medical board and everyone on it.

While all that was happening, I would be pressing fraud and forgery charges on the bitch and accessory charges on the clinic too.

I would be, as they say in Texas  Hold ‘Em poker,


All In.

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4 thoughts on “German man ordered to pay child support after ex-wife forges signature (TWICE!) for IVF pregnancy

  1. We have messed up laws on this side of the pond as well. When a buddy of mine deployed to Iraq he got his mid-tour leave 6 weeks into the deployment. When he returned to Iraq 2 weeks latter he found out they had been extended to a 15 month rotation so he had 13 months to go. When he got back to Tennessee his wife met him with a baby that was less than a month old. He filed for divorce and got hit with child support.

    It seems like a no-brainer but are a few states out there that don’t care if you are not the biological father or not.

    When he got out of the Army he got a job in Georgia. I met him during this period where we were doing government contractor work in Iraq and Afghanistan making stupid big bucks. Once a year he had to trek back to TN to a day of court with his tax returns where his child support got adjusted up. This went on for 4 years and he didn’t hear from her for a couple of years but the checks kept getting cashed. He was paying over $40k per year at that time.

    He found out the ex-wife and her baby-daddy had moved to GA because the baby-daddy got a job in GA. He took her to court in GA and the child support ended. She also had to repay all of the child support she had received since she had moved to GA.


  2. Professor Reynolds has long advocated that, if one carnally associates with females and intends to have a life afterwards, it’s prudent to freeze some sperm and then get a vasectomy, in the name of self defense. I suspect in today’s anti-male legal environment medical proof that one was infertile at the time of conception would not be an adequate defense.

    I am awaiting the next legal development, one that assesses child support in the case of a male who did not have any physical association with a female but knew her name and was within the same political jurisdiction during the 60-day period surrounding a conception.

    The final step will be to assess child support with darts and a phone book.


    • @alien, That’s already happened in CA. A man was hit for child support, didn’t attend the court case (proof of service isn’t required in CA for family cases. hmmm), and because he didn’t attend, he received a default judgment against him for child support The woman who filed, later admitted that she picked his name out of the phone book.

      To explain further, the issue of child support has been around for quite some time, and in the British Empire, sailors/soldiers were showing up at home to find a ‘surprise’ that couldn’t be their child since they were on the other side of the world at the time of conception. Because of this, Lord Mansfield created a rule of law stating that if you were married, the child was yours, regardless, and you’d have to support it. Because of that common law history, American law has followed the same path, and U.S. men are on the hook for the child, to varying degrees depending on the state, & the results of genetic testing.

      A variation of the same theme is where you marry a divorced woman with children from a previous marriage. Again depending on the state, you can then be hit for child support if you divorce her, even though those weren’t your children (the state I live in defines it by “how long” you were their “father”).

      [You can read a lot more of this kind of perversion of law, on the Men’s Rights sites]


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