Things That Make You Go HMMM.

I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t a bunch of money laying around just to invest in Gold with but this still got my attention right away.

Then again my sensitivity to Doom Porn is extremely high.

Make your own conclusions, I’m just throwing this out there.

Then again, Billionaires don’t get rich by being ignorant of what is going on in the world.

Billionaire girds for stock-market crash by investing half his net worth in gold

Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris isn’t your typical gold bug.

The chairman of Orascom Telecom Media and Technology Holding S.A.E. told Bloomberg in an interview from Cairo this week that he sees gold GCM8, -1.08% surging up to $1,800 an ounce while the “overvalued” stock market hits the skids.

At last check, gold was down almost 1% at $1,307 an ounce while the DowDJIA, -0.27%  and S&P SPX, +0.25%  were getting hit hard in Tuesday’s session.

Sawiris, Egypt’s second-richest man behind his younger brother, is putting his money where his mouth is, investing half his $5.7 billion net worth in gold.

“In the end you have China and they will not stop consuming,” he said. “And people also tend to go to gold during crises and we are full of crises right now. Look at the Middle East and the rest of the world and Mr. Trump doesn’t help.”

7 thoughts on “Things That Make You Go HMMM.

  1. 1. buy $20M worth of gold at $1,300/oz (962lb)
    2. let everyone know you bought it in fear of a stock crash so others buy.
    3. price goes up to $1,800/oz in 4 weeks.
    4. sell 267 pounds at $1,800/oz for $7,692,307.69 profit and keep 695 pounds your original $20M

    I agree with crazyeighter and would add Land to his investments.


  2. My question is did he buy gold (145,000 pounds), or did he buy gold certificates? My guess is the latter. Certificates are oversold 10:1, meaning the line is long when it comes time to redeem. What Scurvy said.


    • Double-shot bottles of Jack and boxes of .22LR…

      I’m also laying in a supply of wine yeast and various winemaking supplies.


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