It’s Fixed

Don’t ask me what I did because I did a whole bunch of shit. It wasn’t a lack of memory for damn sure.

Pretty much threw big hammers at the fucker until it submitted to my demands.

Got rid of a bunch of shit, got rid of some more shit, got rid of Firefox after trying it, that was the BIG hammer.

Firefox is fucked up, they know it and they ain’t fixing it.

Tried Pale Moon, see below.


Went back to Chrome against my wishes but every single browser I have tried has got something in it I either don’t like or doesn’t it play well with others. In other words, I have run into a lot of compatibility issues with different browsers .

They work great for this or that and then they shit the bed when you least expect it and you find out the hard way that it isn’t compatible with whatever it is you are trying to do.


I think I have tried eight different browsers at this point.

Anyways, the fucking thing seems to be working again and I got rid of a bunch of useless crap in the process.

Yay me.

18 thoughts on “It’s Fixed

    • Adobe Flash for one.
      It gives it fits unless you research what they claim is the fix, which it ain’t.
      FF also shit the bed with their latest update, they know it and aren’t fixing it.
      Slowed everything to a crawl and there is a huge problem with an error message that keeps popping up telling you that there is a web page causing the browser to run slow.
      Don’t tell me you don’t know about that one sweetums.

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  1. Sorry for all the trouble you go through to provide us the reading and entertainment. Maybe a good time to send in some $$$ to help the effort.


    • Thanks for the sentiment but I’ll be alright.
      I’d do this one way or another because it seems I just plain have a big mouth and it is a good release mechanism for me.
      I realized the other day that I have been blogging since 2006!


  2. Have you tried Brave? It is made by one of the original Firefox devs. I have two gripes about it but the overall product is pretty good. Gripes: I have a really long bookmark menu that it doesn’t present properly and it is a bit of pain to get to the bottom links. It also seems to always open on my primary monitor not my secondary for some reason, even after dragging it over and closing it on the secondary.

    Also try using the new Cloudflare DNS servers: and, better privacy with quicker name resolution:


    • Thanks for the tips.
      I have noticed Malwarebytes will pick up shit that AVG and Avast miss.
      I think it was an updater program for the Epson printer my old Lady bought recently. After I downloaded all the shit for me to be able to use it wirelessly I found out the fucking thing added NINE programs to my start list.


  3. Consider a dual boot with a Linux OS. One can download it for free, and it comes with a decent package of office type apps, along with Firefox browser. Linux is extremely virus resistant, hard to hack. One could just boot into Linux and surf the web, using the Windows for proprietary apps; although, Linux does allow Windows apps to run on it with an installation of an app called Wine.


  4. Threaten the computer with a large, powerful electromagnet. One of those degaussing rings that they used to use on TV sets would be good.

    You guys are a bunch of tech wizards. I don’t understand a damn thing that any of you said.


  5. I use Start Page any time I want privacy on the web. Don’t know about compatibility but I don’t get as from everything I searched.


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