The Difference Between Canadian Cops And American Para Military Law Enforcement Thugs In One Story

I can guarantee you that this story would have a very different ending if this had happened anywhere inside the borders of our country.

Toronto police officer draws praise for refusing to shoot van suspect

Matt Scuffham

canadian van

TORONTO (Reuters) – A Toronto police officer who refused to shoot the man suspected of plowing a van into crowds of pedestrians on Monday, killing 10 people, was praised for restraint in the face of a suspect who claimed to have a gun.
Video footage showed the police officer staring down the suspect at gunpoint in the middle of a street, while the man pointed what appeared to be a gun and shouted “Kill me.” The video, obtained by CBC News, showed the suspect repeatedly pulling an object from his side and aiming at police.

The arrest was praised as a welcome example of police restraint in the midst of chaos, coming just minutes after a white rental van plowed into a lunchtime crowd in north Toronto, killing 10 people and injuring 15 in one of the most violent incidents in Canadian history.

As the suspect shouted “Kill me,” the officer replied, “No, get down.” When the suspect said, “I have a gun in my pocket,” the officer responded: “I don’t care. Get down.”

Toronto police identified the man arrested as Alek Minassian, 25, of Richmond Hill, a neighborhood close to Toronto.

“It’s quite apparent that the suspect was trying to be executed. He was really looking for ‘suicide-by-cop,’” Gary Clement, a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police superintendent with 34 years experience of policing, told Reuters.

The Toronto Police Service declined to name the officer involved in the stand-off, but Clement said he appeared to be a “very seasoned and mature officer.”

“I would say this individual met the right police officer,” Clement said. “Nobody knows how they’re going to react. In this situation a lot of it comes down to muscle memory. This guy reacted in a very mature manner.”

He wouldn’t have had a chance to say anything down here, there would have been a hail of bullets and if the past is any indicator, there would probably also have been some innocent bystanders, 3 or 4 dogs and that van all shot clear to shit on top of it.

17 thoughts on “The Difference Between Canadian Cops And American Para Military Law Enforcement Thugs In One Story

  1. I wouldn’t shed a single tear for human trash like that beig shredded by bullets from multiple cops.
    He begged for being shot?
    Well just do him the favor and good riddance!

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  2. that policeman did he right thing. due process. if we want it for ourselves, we must guarantee it to others. the courts will decide.
    on another note, the police here sometimes fire hundreds of bullets and yet are reported not to have hit anything.
    or else to do as described above–shoot everyone and everything in sight!


  3. District Attorney is Nevada: Why did you shoot him 15 times?
    Cop: My magazine only holds 15 rounds!
    District Attorney: Ok, but next time do a combat reload….

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  4. I think if the officer sees a valid threat, take the shot. It’s not as if that scumbag isn’t going to cost millions of dollars of incarceration money now. Save the taxpayer money. He was caught flagrantly murdering people. No trial needed, in my opinion.

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  5. Would have been nice to have saved the trial & lifetime jail costs. But the worthless fucker is gonna have to wait till he gets fucked in the ass and dies from aids to have his virgins! Wait, that maybe doesn’t get him to martyrdom?


  6. The whole idea is to enforce the law, not to rack up a body count.
    Everybody’s supposed to still be breathing at the end of the day.
    This is being forgotten – that’s one more reason why America is on the fast track to becoming just another shitty banana republic.


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