We Shall See

It was finally nice enough that I had a chance to go open the hood on the Bronco and do some wrench turning and I got that damn EGR valve swapped out.


By the grace of God the fitting at the bottom came right loose and I didn’t have to fight it to get the old one off so it went fairly quickly.

The ornery old fucker from across the street came over to bullshit and spread his particular flavor of  Old Man griping and that kept me distracted enough that I started to put the old one back on again before I knew what I was doing so I took it back off and chucked it in the garage to get it out of the way.

So it’s on and the Check Engine light didn’t come right on like it normally does.

Like I said, we shall see.



I had to make a run to Lowe’s and the light never came back on but just as I was pulling into a parking spot I heard a big sucking sound like the idle speed control solenoid had opened way up and the idle jumped way up again.

I had disconnected the battery to clear the codes when I changed the valve and the check engine light never came on but I ain’t liking that shit. It has a new idle speed solenoid on it from before I got the thing but something  is making the computer want to open the fucker up beyond what is normal.


Looks like there is further diagnosis work to come yet.


6 thoughts on “We Shall See

    • Ayep, OBDI.
      I had to order a code scanner and a cable for it from Wally World a while back.
      When I got it. that’s when I got the EGR position sensor codes. It has a new sensor but the EGR valve wasn’t new and I know from past experience that this particular set up was notorious for EGR valves getting gummed up and sticking which is why I just replaced it.

      There may or may not be a code in it, after disconnecting the battery and clearing the memory the check engine light hasn’t come back on yet.
      I got busy with some other more important projects today so I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet.
      I will drive it for a few days and see what happens after the computer gets a bit of my driving history in its memory.


  1. I saved a ton of money after I bought a high-end code reader. My wife’s CEL would come on, she’d go to the dealer, and they’d nail her $75 to tighten the gas cap!


  2. Why I like the horizontally-opposed, four-cylinder,1600cc, aircooled, conventionally aspirated, Volkswagen squirrel-powered engine.
    It was designed by geniuses to be maintained by idiots.


  3. aroud 28 years ago I owned a ’87 ford thunderbird with the anemic 3800 v six. At some point the check engine light came on so I took it to the dealer to get it checked. Bad EGR valve they said. Ok. Fix it. They did. When I went to pick it up they told me they replaced the catalyst converters under a recall as well. Cool. Paid them 300 bucks and hopped into my ride. Before I put it into gear the light came back on. I walked back into the shop and told them. They said no problem. It’s going to cost 80 bucks. I said didn’t I just pay you 80 bucks to read the codes? Well. They replied. We only check and fix the first code that coimes up. ? Well f*ck the fu*k out of you , you fu*king FUCKS I said. I drove the car with the light on for 5 years before selling it to my brother cheap and then bought it back cheaper after his kid ruined it. The thing never got less than 29 mpg. Traded it in at a push, pull, drag sale for way more than it was worth. Feels like a win.


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