Rest Easy Marine, R. Lee Ermey Has Passed


Thanks  go to Spud Rocket and others for informing me of this very sad news.

If you didn’t love this guy then I don’t want to know you.



I ain’t worthy enough to shine this guy’s boots so there is nothing I can say that will do him justice.

All I can say is, he will be missed.


Semper Fi Gunny, rest in peace.

12 thoughts on “Rest Easy Marine, R. Lee Ermey Has Passed

  1. With respects Gunny.

    Back when I was doing a Southern Watch mission that turned into Operation Iraqi Freedom my 10 year old son sent in a request stating his dad, an AF Master Sergeant was in Iraq. He wanted to know what Puff the Magic Dragon and Angel Wings were on a Hercules C-130 to Mail Call. Gunny Ermey devoted his show to that letter and thanked me for my service.


  2. A second thought Phil and with all due respects. Regarding your thread title. You sure you want to call a United States Marine a “Soldier”?


      • That you Phil. If you ask any of your Marine friends they’ll explain the huge gap between “soldier & U.S. Marine”. I wasn’t trying to be a troll, but having served and having some really great U.S. Army buds it does mean a lot to me to distinguish between the 2 branches. 🙂


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