No Way! Trump Is Looking At Cutting A Bit Of Corporate Welfare?!

He took a shot at Bezos the other day in a Tweet claiming that the Postal Service was losing money delivering Amazon goods.


It appears that Trump is looking to remedy that situation.


Trump orders an evaluation of the Postal Service following his criticism of Amazon

  • President Donald Trump issued an executive order on Thursday to set up a task force to study the United States Postal Service and recommend reforms.
  • The task force will evaluate the operations and finances of the USPS.
  • Though Trump’s executive order does not reference Amazon by name, one analyst told CNBC it was a “shot across the bow” at Jeff Bezos’ company.

2 thoughts on “No Way! Trump Is Looking At Cutting A Bit Of Corporate Welfare?!

  1. If the USPS is losing money on their CONTRACT with Amazon, then the person who wrote the contract should be fired, and the contract renegotiated.

    President Trump could probably find thousands of poorly written contracts that cost USGOV metric butt loads of money……


  2. Great googly moogly, a corrupt and inefficient Federal government agency?
    Nah, impossible.
    That Bezos guy needs to be strung up by his heels and shaken vigorously, alongside his junior masked superhero sidekick Zuckerberg.
    In other news…
    The U.S., the UK, and France (Holy Shit! They really do have backbones!) are pounding the crap out of Damascus. The Russians are getting soggy and hard to light about this.
    I’m going to go buy 3 cartons of smokes and a case of Jack Daniels just so I’ve got some trade goods in case Bangor gets vaporized.
    Hell. I probably won’t even feel it if Putin decides to wipe us out. I doubt he will – he’s a bastard, not a suicidal lunatic.
    This really looks like a re-run of October 1961.


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