While We Are On The Subject Of Health

One of the first things they did when I went to the dentist yesterday was to check my blood pressure.

To be honest, I had no idea where it was going to be, I hate doctors almost as much as I hate dentists.

A bunch of pill pushers anymore is what I have observed over the years.

I’m trying to remember the last time I went to the doctor and I want to say it’s been at least 4 and probably 5 years ago.

The first fucking thing they wanted to do was the old camera up the ass trick because I was over 50.

If you haven’t been through that, you haven’t lived.


Anyways, the lady was concerned that if my blood pressure was too high that they might have to do something about that before they could pull the teeth.


I see I am right on the borderline of having high blood pressure at 141/83.

As I recall, that’s about where it was at the last time I went to the doc too.

That shit ain’t nothing to play with, I know a guy who at 45, was as strong as a fucking horse, had high blood pressure and knew about it but ignored it.

One evening after work, in the middle of an ice storm, sitting in his rig after going into a super market, the poor fucker had a massive cerebral hemorrhage.

When he didn’t show up at home his wife started calling him of course and got no answer. They finally found him sitting in his rig, 4 hours later.

They had to take a huge chunk of skull out of his head to relieve the pressure, he died on the table at least once and the fucking guy is extremely lucky to even be alive but he is fucked up but good. This has been about three years ago now. He still can’t use his right hand, can walk some now without a cane or a walker, his speech is still really bad but he is amazingly enough, able to drive now.

This was quite the wake up call.

I am 58 years old now, have smoked for 48 years, partied and drank like a fish for forty years, been in over 50 vehicle accidents and yet here my blood pressure is still only borderline high.

Hell, my Dad had his first heart attack at 57 and his father fell over dead at 63 with one after suffering with extreme emphysema for several years.

I dunno, I’m sure my odds of having one are up there pretty good, the only thing that I can think of why I haven’t had one already is that I have a pretty physical job with lots and lots of walking involved.

Is there a point to all this rambling?

You bet there is.

Nobody gets out of this alive and it ain’t a practice run so far as anyone has been able to prove.

Live your life and turn that fucking television off.

People give me shit all the time about smoking and I tell them to fuck off basically.

At least I have a pretty good idea what is going to kill me and I ain’t going to be laying in some fucking hospital bed after a lifetime of jogging and eating bean sprouts, wondering why I am dying of perfect health.

When it’s your time, it’s your time.

In the mean time get out there and do some living.

Health care in this country is an expensive racket and a joke. Don’t ignore your health by any means but  I look at it just like prison.

I try to stay out of the system, ya know?




6 thoughts on “While We Are On The Subject Of Health

  1. Yeah, but then we won’t have this blog to read, so yes, please try to at least cut down the smoking. You’ll be more kissable 🙂


  2. Just a couple of thoughts on what you wrote:
    Some thirty years ago the rule of thumb for regular blood pressure was 100 plus age.
    So if you were 45 your blood pressure could reach 145 without raising your physician‘s eyebrows.
    Up to the beginning of the last century pulmonologists advised their patients to start smoking in certain cases. Untreated tobacco strangely also has health benefits – not generally mind you – but you won’t read about that in any newspaper.
    I started smoking when I got fourteen and I passed the 50 a couple of years ago and I still smoke. In fact I LOVE smoking and I don’t even consider quitting. Some six years ago I felt the first health issues because of my smoking habits: lots of caughing (especially in the morning) and the first tingles in my extremities (insufficient blood circulation).
    By that time I was fed up already by the shit that was being added to the tobacco. In that can I even found pieces of thin cardboard that was halfway cut like tobacco. For a lot of money I just got trash. It took me no wonder I started to become sick.
    Luckily I found a source of organic grown tobacco. These farmers sell their whole leaves as decoration materials thus avoiding tobacco taxation.
    Since then I cut my organic leaves (Virginia, Burley and Orient) and make my own, better Anerican Blend.
    Since then caughing is almost gone and no tingling in my toes and fingers anymore.
    Btw: last time ordered 30 kilograms leave and paid 340 Euros. Guess yourself how long it takes smoking thirty (realistically make it 25) kilograms of tobacco 😂


  3. Ok I feel as you do but I have paid a price . One day I will send u a pic of my ugly mug with this hole in my neck. That said 141/83 while at a dentist office aint shit. that at home relaxed not so good (my old normal was 148/94 now 118/68). Life is about living don’t be worried about your health but don’t be a Dumb Ass about it either. Tel lthe wife men that get some 4 or more times a week live longer. The running will be good for your health. 😉


  4. Watched my mother smoke every day until lung cancer got her when I was 13. Never smoked a day in my life. I drink mostly wine and beer, but I am a light weight. Even in my younger days, two beers on an empty stomach, and I’m piled up in a corner sleeping it off.

    Stuff comes in smaller quantities now so we won’t ‘notice’ the price increase, and diluted with fillers as well. I’m sure they do the same with cigarettes. Just what are you smoking besides tobacco, really? And what’s in the paper?

    I will be 65 soon. One nice thing is that now, I am more likely to die with something than from it.

    BFYTW. Exactly. Live your life. How many die an early death from the stress of constantly worrying about what other people think of them? Love Lee Marvin’s line in ‘Paint Your Wagon’ about ‘help thy neighbor’—“Just leave the poor dumb sonofabitch alone”.


  5. I quit smoking 25 years ago after 30+ years of puffing when my daughter was born. I had some non-painful “palpitations” about that time. My BP was very high and I had ignored it for years. My doc sent me for a Thallium stress test, and when that was inconclusive an angiogram (not fun). No blockage found but I had irregular heart-beat due to the high BP. I’m currently on 3 BP meds and a statin. Don’t fuck around folks get checked and get meds for any high BP!


  6. I’ve been smoking since I was 15. I’m 58 now.
    Last year, I had a really bad atrioventricular fibrillation. Shit tore loose in there – if you’ve ever seen a ‘wild fire hose’, imagine something like that flailing around in your chest. It hurt, and it scared the hell out of me.
    I got good and depressed for four months or so, lost a lot of sleep and didn’t talk to anybody. I had a major case of “fuck all of you” syndrome for a while, but the cat seems to have saved me.
    I looked up the survival stats – I’ve got a 20% chance of living another ten years.
    Gotta die of something, don’t we?
    I had hoped that I would die from being gunned down by a jealous husband shortly after my 98th birthday, but this will do.
    Every day that I’m not in the Persian Gulf has been pure profit.
    I’m going outside for a Marlboro.


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