2 thoughts on “Ain’t No Stray Cats In This Neighborhood

  1. When I was 12, I got pretty good with those Wrist Rockets – accurate and very, very fast. I’d wear the rubber out in a week or so. Those two characters were more accurate at ‘long range’ than I was, but I was about 3x faster, and just as accurate within 15 feet. I used to take spotted doves sometimes. I left the neighborhood cats alone, though. I like cats.
    Dad told me to kill only vermin or animals that I intended to cook and eat.
    I found out recently that eating pigeons can make you sick – I forget how.
    But eating cats? No, no, no. That would be like eating a family member.

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    • We used to pinch a bunch of BB’s in the pouch, worked just like a little shotgun. Very effective against small varmints and birds.
      Used to shoot frogs in little Mill Ponds like that too but never had a boat to go fetch them. We could hit those out to about 20- 25 feet.
      A very overlooked little item that everyone should have a couple of stashed away along with some extra tubing.


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