It Be Storming Out There Right Now But Fishing Season Is Rapidly Approaching


It’s raining cats and dogs outside and the big wind storm they have been talking about since Tuesday seems to have been slightly delayed. It’s the weekend so we can’t be having any of that nice weather shit.

They are talking 70 mph gusts at the coast kind of windstorm.

I just got back from getting my semi annual haircut, something I generally put off way too long it seems.


What the fuck do I care if my hair gets shaggy, I wear a hat all the time and if that ain’t on my head a hard hat is.  I ain’t one to spend any amount of time staring into a fucking mirror in the first place.

I’m ugly and I know it and everyone else can just kiss my ass and deal with it.

The good thing about the haircut thing is that I get to see my cutie pie little niece.

She’s a smoking hot little 25 year old brunette and no I’m not posting any pictures of her you fucking perverts.

I know how ya are and y’all ain’t drooling over my kin.


She’s a little sweetheart though and we get to catch up on some family gossip while she whacks away at the underbrush. For being a bald headed old fart I sure do have a bunch of hair growing on my head. Just not on top anymore.

Poor thing, it took her forty minutes to get everything trimmed up and tamed again for a bit.

I tip well though so it’s not time wasted on her part.


So with the weather being all kinds of fucked outside I think I’m gonna head out to the disaster area and start digging out my fishing and camping gear.

Opening season for lake trout starts at the end of the month and I am just dying to take this Bronco up in the hills and find me a little out of the way lake.

I’m seriously debating with myself about taking another mini vacation and high tailing it to the high country for a few days.

It’s been a long damn time since I have been camping and I’m thinking it’s time to get back into it.

I don’t think there is much that I need to get either. Maybe a foam sleeping pad and that’s about it.


Wait, that reminds me. I have been wanting one of these set ups for a long time, maybe I need to go get the material and do some heating and bending.


LOL! Then again, maybe I don’t need to go to all that trouble.

As I was looking for that picture I discovered Wally World sells that exact tripod set for under $25 and by the time I drove to Portland and back just to get the bar stock it would be cheaper just to order one.

I already have 2 Dutch Ovens plus cast iron skillets and a pancake griddle. I also have about 40 feet of 1/4 chain out in the garage so fitting it with a floating grate wouldn’t be too much extra work.

I also bought one of those new Coleman dual fuel camp stoves last Summer and a matching lantern a couple of years ago.

The cook stove is still in the box, I got the last one they had on a sale for in case the power goes out for more than a day or two.

Just because I couldn’t pass it up, I also picked up an older Coleman cook stove at Goodwill a few months ago but it’s a lot bigger than the new one and has Property of BLM stenciled on it. I only paid $5 for that one. It’s as big as a suitcase so you can do bigger skillets and such.

I’m tellin’ ya, that Goodwill outfit is the shit for buying camping gear cheap. I paid $20 for a 4 man tent, $1.75 apiece for 3 Coleman ice chests and all of my camping cookware was a buck or less from there except my cast iron shit.

Tarps and  cordage I buy cheap at Harbor Freight and places like that, other goodies I pick up at garage sales.

I see absolutely no good reason to pay top dollar for some designer name bullshit equipment just to go camping. I let some other idiot do that and then donate it to Goodwill when they get tired of it sitting in their garage unused. Then I swoop in and get it for pennies on the dollar.

Another thing I need to get just popped into my head and I should have done this a long time ago.

luggable loo


Actually, now that I have the Bronco and it  has a trailer hitch on it already,


bumper dumper


That’s the fucking ticket right there.

The El Camino had a hitch on it at one time but someone cut it off with a torch and did a horrible job of it so that a guy would have to get it up on a lift so he could finish torching the heavy steel off  the frame  and do some serious grinding.

That and it is very low to the ground,  it doesn’t have air shocks on it like it should so throwing a case of beer in the back causes it to squat. Not something really suitable for going brush beating with to begin with.

I already have , ahem, longer term plans but have been keeping them close to the vest.

I want to get rid of that fucking Sprite and get a very small boat.

Don’t tell my old lady that shit though because she is going to go off like a tactical nuke.

Heh. I ain’t afeared , I just have to do my homework first.

That shit is later down the road anyway, unless something falls in my lap unexpectedly in the mean time. I have too much shit laying around as it is, I need to get rid of a bunch of stuff.


The camping and fishing thing I am really starting to look forward to though.

I used to do a lot of that when I was younger and miss it bigly.

12 thoughts on “It Be Storming Out There Right Now But Fishing Season Is Rapidly Approaching

  1. Yeah, I got cabin fever really bad. Our trout season opens next Saturday, but I hate people and don’t feel like driving for hours to get to a remote spot. I go on a weekday following opening day when everyone else is back at work. One of the few perks to being old is that I’m retired now and can do shit like that…………………..


  2. Got out and around the new neighborhood yesterday p.m. – some of the new neighbors are four-footed bovines, and the “milk me, dammit” chorus is a pleasant addition to the soundscape.
    Being new to the area is putting a crimp in my plans for fishing. I haven’t had time to find a good spot, or to complete the necessary ritual sacrifices (virgins over the age of twelve are impossible to find), burnt offerings, etc, necessary to appease the PNW fishing deities. Maybe donating large wads of crumpled money and kegs of Rainier Ale to the authorities will help.
    I have much more to gripe about, but it’s all stuff that would be painfully familiar to you. Friday’s sunny weather was great, but the bill came due with this morning’s downpour.
    It turns out that my upstairs neighbor is a spectacular redheaded lady, perhaps 25 y/o. There is some justice in the world, after all. Sheesh. She’s younger than my daughter. I ought to be ashamed of myself, but I’m not.


    • At least you have something to look forward to then. Summer is coming, right?
      Don’t feel bad about drooling over the little cutie. I’m at the point they pretty much know I’m harmless and they either get shitty about it or smile at me.
      If they get shitty then I make it a point to stare right at their tits right in front of them.


  3. I’ll have to check out the Goodwill stores here. We have a little butane stove, and a zillion cans of fuel for it, but there’s just something really cool about old Coleman stoves. One of the bloggers I used to read (he disappeared) was very good at restoring them. They looked brand-new when he was finished.


    • Do yourself a favor and get a Dual Fuel model. White gas is expensive as hell anymore. It stores well but in a pinch you can burn unleaded in those stoves and lanterns.
      It’s always good to have options.


  4. I understand the itch to get away and fish ,camp, and unwind. Phil I recommend keeping an eye open for a old small cargo trailer. it solves storage and camping problems


    • Parking room is my main problem Gary. I’m in The Burbs and they ticket shit like that when it’s parked in the street.
      Bunch of Commie assholes run the joint.


  5. You have any favorite holes around you? I was thinking there might be not many due to the many commiefornias moving there to “experience” wildlife and nature… I used to go up in the Olympia Peninsula up around Aberdeen and south of Port Angeles.


    • Anything even remotely nearby is always jammed elbow to elbow. There are some nice little lakes up the Columbia near Bonneville Dam though.
      Just don’t go on opening day. It brings everybody and their dog out of the woodwork.


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