A Brilliant Idea

You can get file cabinets cheap either off Craigslist or at The Goodwill.

I bought a couple of them from Goodwill last Summer in great condition for ten bucks apiece.

A chunk of expanded metal for the grates, a few bucks for some Cut Off wheels on a Harbor Freight angle grinder to cut the bottoms out of the drawers and you are good to go.

Go price a new smoker then do the math.



12 thoughts on “A Brilliant Idea

  1. Put a small gas burner in the bottom for a smoke that is a lot more controllable.
    I use a # 10 can set over the burner with deer corn in it for smoke.
    You don’t have to babysit the dang thing quite so much.


  2. I think the Germans bandied this idea around in the late 1930s, but due to its small capacity they moved on to much larger containers.


  3. I like it . I have also used an old 50s fridge .The most important thing for any grill or smoker is a thermometer !!! I have been smoking grillin for 25 years and a thermometer is a must.


  4. You can also use an old kitchen range to create a Fort Chimo cold smoker. Flip it over to punch some holes in the bottom of the oven, place your wood chips in the bottom drawer and spread your meat on the racks. For more heat place the fire in the oven in an old cast iron pan. Since ranges are enamelled there is no paint to emit fumes.


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