3 thoughts on “Only Half Stuck

  1. I got my late, much-lamented VW Thing into a similar situation on a sand-dune once. I was on the verge of tipping over and rolling (no roll bar) when I figured out that I had to ‘herring-bone’ my way down or die.
    I came to rest, still upright, after slip-sliding about 70 vertical feet downslope. I had a shovel, and by the time it got dark, the old Typ 181 was level again. No way was I going to try to drive in that sugar sand in the dark, though. I walked home.
    Came back the next a.m. with a relative and his winch-equipped 4×4. Problem solved.
    My ex sold that VW Thing without my approval a year or so after that. That’s one of the main reasons why she’s my ex.
    That was 18 years ago, and I still want another Thing. They’re so damn ugly that they’re cute. I can do a tune up on that 1600 cc motor in the dark, just by touch and hearing. Love ’em.


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