Do Ya Feel Lucky Punks?




So let me ask you ignorant sonsabitches a few things.


Even if you actually managed to repeal the 2nd Amendment, what the fuck is that going to accomplish?

Do you think that 500 million guns are going to magically vanish?

Do you think that you can pass new laws that will instantly make felons out of millions of gun owning Americans with zero repercussions?


My biggest question is this one,

Do you actually have any grasp on reality anymore?





6 thoughts on “Do Ya Feel Lucky Punks?

  1. Well, Austria had a pretty liberal legislation concerning privately owned weapons until a couple of years ago. Then the gvt decided installing a centralized weapons database and every owner of up to now unregistered bolt action rifles and shotguns had to register these within a given period or face penalty for illegal possession of a firearm if caught.
    So, yes. From my point of experience it is possible to make felons out of gun owners in very short time.
    And I think you‘d be totally wrong to entertain the idea that „Americans would take up arms“ to fight that sort of infringement on the Second Amendment. They won’t. They feel they’ve got too much to lose since they still can keep their guns…
    …and I think I don’t have to tell you what your beloved government (as any other gvt) will have in store in the years to come, do I?


  2. Missing in this discussion is a very basic, simple fact. The Bill of Rights are an affirmation of Rights that pre-date government. They are not rights granted by the government, they are rights acknowledged by the government. As such, none of them are subject to repeal.

    Any discussion to repeal any of the 9 items of the Bill of Rights is a discussion to re-write the entire constitution. Remember that Barry Soetoro complained that the US Constitution was in error because it was written to constrain government, instead of mandating to it powers of compulsion.


  3. People have a God given natural right to self defense. Repeal the 2nd Amendment and the natural right to self defense still exists. Rights do not come from government. The 2nd Amendment merely acknowledged the pre-existing right to self defense. Combined with the Declaration of Independence, the repeal of the 2nd Amendment simply indicates that it is time to alter or abolish the government since we have traveled too far down the road to serfdom.


  4. obomo did more damage to America in eight years than any gun has in the history of America. If they want to ban something that is dangerous to America we should ban every one who voted for obomo from ever voting again.


  5. I’m late to this party, but here goes.
    Comfortable, well-fed people with good jobs and sturdy bank accounts don’t start revolutions unless:

    A). Overturning the status quo poses them no threat,

    B). They are powerfully motivated by high ideals or,

    C). There’s money to be made from it, somehow.

    Only a man who has nothing left to lose will pull the trigger. A popular uprising in the U.S. would have to borrow the Viet Cong playbook – it would be much like that; asymmetric warfare. Pretty nasty stuff.


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