This Is Going To Blow Your Mind

I found this while cruising the Q research threads on 8Chan.

You had better watch it while you can before those Commie bastards at Youtube pull it down.

I have known for years that every local news broadcast was scripted but this is irrefutable proof and it’s NATIONAL.


Notice all of the different station affiliations too. FOX, ABC, CBS, the works.
Anyone else see their local news channel up there?
I did, the second one up.
Good old KATU out of Portland.

They are losing the narrative and they know it. That scares the living shit out of them.
NWO propagandists, every fucking one of them.

11 thoughts on “This Is Going To Blow Your Mind

  1. Fucking MSM.
    Nineteen years ago I‘ve had enough, took out my knife and cut the television cable.
    Since then we don’t have TV – and it feels great not having that brainwashing device at home!


  2. I always hated KATU and their SJW bull…but it was fun to troll their comm-boxes when they allowed commenting via Intense Debate. A lot of people were woke on the JQ and the Race Hucksters who were pushing the diversity agenda.

    Ah…those were the days.


  3. That the media talking heads are little more than self-propelled windup toys should come as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention.


  4. Funny the pot calling the kettle black. Main reason I stopped watching news all together – I it’s group mindthink and all hive. Real rich calling out fake news, when they are the main source of it. Almost Pavlovian…..


  5. Saw on my local (WLOS) ABC affiliate. Fuckin’ Commie assholes…Don’t believe anything they say…Better yet do like Hogg did to Laura Ingram….Tweet you’re starting a boycott of ever MSM News sponsor!


  6. Didn’t see any local stations for my area in the video, but that means nothing, they’re all the same. Hypocrites and liars, the entire group, and in bed with the politicians.


  7. “A threat to our Democracy” Last time I fuckin checked, we weren’t a Democracy, but rather a democratic republic. Democracy is two wolves a sheep voting what’s for lunch.


  8. Thanks for posting this Phil. Its always been a suspicion among many of us. As you said its worse than we imagined.
    Treason is what it is. The worst kind.
    Never mind the crime of outright organized lies and other galactic grade con-fucking artists.


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