Howlin’ At The Moon

A buddy of mine sent me a text telling me there was a big old Moonbow outside tonight at his place so I went out front and there it was.

My typical photography skills, you can see part of the halo just over the top of the roof of the house. It certainly doesn’t do it justice, it is a huge perfect circle in person.

The wifely unit informs me that it also a Blue Moon tonight.


The funny part is, I took two more pictures of it with the porch light off and neither one of them turned out as good as this one did.

2 thoughts on “Howlin’ At The Moon

  1. With your porch light on, the camera has much more information to pull in and is able to catch the moon as well, with the light off, the camera can only see a small, distant spot of light and will not focus well on it.


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