This, Is A Home Run

Mike, over at The Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse, knocks one out of the park.


There is so much awesome there that I had to link to it.


Have a small sample,



You’re Offended? Go Fuck Yourself.




“The modern American “liberal” is a statist cocksucker who cannot tolerate even the existence of dissent.  They claim to be “tolerant,” but a quick discussion will lead to them admitting they don’t have to tolerate those hatey haters who hate, which is anyone they disagree with, even if the facts conclusively support the other party.  They are a cancer on society and, as in several past societies, at some point they will have to be exterminated.”

You should really go read the whole damn thing and take to heart what he says about dealing with the fuckers.

2 thoughts on “This, Is A Home Run

  1. That was — wonderful. I’m saving a hard copy just so’s parts can be thrown out like little daggers of contempt, as needed. And Ima gonna buy his books.


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