You Have Seen This Before

OMG they had like, these huge Anti Gun rallies, like, all over the place yesterday man!

Yep, they sure did.
Some of them were highly organized.

The thing is, a lot of them had large numbers of kids at them.
You know, tugging at the old heart strings.
The never ending chants of “Think of the children” that these Commie bastards love to throw in everyone’s face when all else fails.

So let’s take a little stroll through history here and be reminded that this is not a new strategy, shall we?

Anyone have the current data on how long the attention span of the average kid is these days?


Can you say Astroturf?

There are over 100 MILLION gun owners in this country.
That is a full 1/3rd of the population.

What are you going to do, make criminals out of all of them?

I think you have some more math homework to do kids.

10 thoughts on “You Have Seen This Before

    • It’s not just the current crop of teenage nitwits. University anarchist, Commie professors have been at work for decades pushing their Socialist values down mush-brained kids throats . That combined with a lack of a military draft has removed firearm familiarization from 3 or 4 generations of American youth. Firearms may not have any appeal for you, but if you have a basic understanding of how they work you’re more likely to consider them an inert tool rather than an evil threat.

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      • Well, I‘ve got a pretty strong .22 Diana Airking, a .22lr TOZ-78/04, a .22lr ICCS, a .17 HMR Savage and a .308 Win Howa 1500.
        Maybe not a lot and pretty much on the light side caliberwise but enough gor hunting, having fun and self defense. I like handling and shooting my rifles a lot and firmly believe in the God given right to self defense.
        I fully agree with the points you’ve made but lastly it all boils down to the childhood and the core values a child inherits from the parent‘s role model. I am a family father of four children and I firmly believe my kids are pretty much immunized against the NWO-Agenda.
        A child with no roots and lacking real values will very likely fall victim to this bullshit.


  1. Its propaganda at is very best.

    As to the kids… Think of it they can’t say gun at school, make a hand gesture, have poptarts
    eaten the wrong way. The word for that is indoctrination. The bigger bully might add other things to their list of things they can’t say or do.

    And the schools are still kids in a no defense possible zone.
    They plan to take rights from people to make the kids supposedly feel safe. Save for they will be less safe.



  2. These kids represent the same demographic that had to be issued an advisory not to eat laundry detergent pods…and people are taking them seriously!! LMAO.

    Notice how pissed the kids at Parkland are now that they have to wear transparent back packs. It’s a violation of their constitutional rights dontcha know!! One of them was even quoted as saying (it might even have been that little bitch Hogg himself), something like, “why do we have to be treated like criminals? We’re not the ones that did this.” Apparently the irony is lost on these little twats.

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