It’s Spring Alright

It hailed like a motherfucker around here about six times yesterday.

It came down so hard on my way to work at one point I couldn’t hardly see the damn road. Five minutes later I got to work and there was two inches of hail stuck under my windshield wipers.

Then it poured rain for a minute, then it quit.
Two hours later while we were on break it started in again, hailed like a bastard and then there was some sleet mixed in.

It’s supposed to be rainy and nasty all weekend too.
I just went outside for a minute and it is decidedly chilly out there right now. At least we aren’t buried in snow and ice like those poor bastards back East.

I should check the weather channel and see what the forecast is.


Just what I thought, it’s going to be chilly again.

TGIF though.

2 thoughts on “It’s Spring Alright

  1. I got caught in that same hailstorm yesterday afternoon. I was out walking, taking care of some errands here in the semi-mythical town of Fishtank, Washington.
    I had one of those ‘Oh, God, why me?’ moments, and kept on walking. What else could I do?

    Fuzzbucket the cat welcomed me home enthusiastically, and a hot bath did a lot to relieve old Mr. Arthritis.

    My brother told me that there’s a sign in the mess hall at Fort Benning, GA, that reads, “We eat pain”. Some days, I get more than I can eat.

    Old age is not for sissies.


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