I just got home from a 12 hour shift, wearing those new and not quite broke in boots all day.
I’m thinking they are a long ways towards getting broke in after that.
My dogs are a howlin’ right this minute though.


I’m looking forward to getting them worked in a bit more and then going and getting some inserts. They are a bit tight yet though.

9 thoughts on “Yeesh

  1. Phil a bit of trivia. The queen of England has someone with the same size foot break in all her shoes before she wears them. Sparing her the discomfort. What’s my point ??
    Royal Bastard = comfy shoes !
    Ornery Bastard = suffer through it sucker ! 🙂

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  2. Always kept my old boots in the truck. Wore new ones in the mornin’, changed out at lunch. After about a week and a half I was good to go.


  3. My Old Man told me a trick he learned at Parris Island in ’41. He soaked new boots in water, then wore them until they formed to his feet. He said it was better than forming his feet to the boots.
    Seems plausible but I never tried it.

    RIP, Dad.


  4. Sleep in ’em. Yeah, kinda funny, but your feet sweat more and get larger when you sleep.

    They’ll stretch out your boots without the wear on your feet.


  5. Another use for duck tape, believe it or don’t.
    It works just as well as moleskin – just stick some on your feet where the boots chafe.
    It’s cheaper, too. The downside is that you’ll end up removing any hair that’s growing on your feet (one of those extra benefits if growing old – hair in the ears, etc).
    I don’t see how the womenfolk can stand ripping body hair off with tape.


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