How To Throw A Fuck Right Back Into YouTube.

You would think that in this day and age those Leftard motherfuckers at Google would know better but apparently they still think they can just ban shit and everyone will just be OK with that. Shit like this is why I left the Blogger platform and moved to WordPress.

The place is obviously run by a cabal of Educated Idiots.

Start using Hooktube instead.

Here is a brief description of how it works, you can watch blocked YouTube videos by copying and pasting the address in the address bar, removing YouTube ,com and replacing it with HookTube,com.

Share YouTube videos without giving them views. Bypass country blocks and age restrictions. Download YouTube videos and music. Keep your data private from the G.

HOW: Just replace the domain in any YT link with and you get a light-weight page that loads YouTube’s media files (mp4, webm, etc) directly into your browser’s native media player. becomes, etc. Supported parameters: start, end, loop (1 for on), speed (range: 0.01 to 4), autoplay (0 for off, default is 1).

Easy shit.

If there is something you want to watch and YouTube has removed it completely, search for it on HookTube.

Fuck those censoring assholes.
The internet is ours as human beings.
Where there is a will, someone will find a way.
Here is an example of what Youtube is proposing to ban, a video showing how to disassemble, a 1911,

Here is the exact same video except it is from HookTube, notice the address.

7 thoughts on “How To Throw A Fuck Right Back Into YouTube.

  1. I have had a long and happy relationship with the M1911 and M1911A1. The Hi-Power, too. Mr. Browning really knew his business.
    YouTube can go pound sand. I’ve been using it for music, but since they’re turning it into a propaganda outlet by omission, I’ll go elsewhere. If Hooktube’s got Arvo Part, I’ll be happy. My cat Fuzzbucket (try saying that after three beers) likes ‘Spiegel Im Spiegel’ – he calms down & stops clawing at my eyes right away when he hears it.


      • The P-38 is one amazing piece of engineering. The only feature I don’t like is the magazine release on the butt. Oh, well. Mr. Walther didn’t ask me for my opinion.

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        • I had a lot of fun with P-38‘s. My father had one left over from WWII and he always kept it hidden. But as you surely can imagine such a treasure will be found by a snoopy little son. Then, one sunny summer day (school had finally ended for two months) I was at home alone, parents gone for the day.
          I took my Nemesis, an old mechanical alarm clock to the backyard telling it that now‘s the time it’s life had come to an end, placed it on the lawn and shot it with the P-38 😂
          Never had such satisfying fun!
          Later, after I turned eighteen I did my compulsory time in the Austrian Army and since I became a member of a tank crew I received a personal sidearm: a P-38!
          We then had military exercises close to the Czechoslovakian border at the former Iron Curtain and since it was pretty boring we inverted some sort of special ammunition for our P-38‘s by cutting down exercise blanks of the FN-FAL to the length of a 9mm casing, then turning the cut off plastic tip and squeezing it into the cut off casing.
          That way we‘ve had a projectile shooting out of the barrel which was useful for hitting empty beer cans 😄


        • What I liked most about the P-38:
          Its reliability! I never had it fail on me and it wasn’t sensitive to getting dirty at all. Just a simple and reliable gun, provided you don’t lay your hands on a wartime P-38 built 1943 or later. The upper was infamous for exploding sometimes because to the weak steel which was due to severe shortages in raw materials towards the war‘s end.


  2. FWIW, I just tried Hooktube on a YouTube video that’s blocked in the US, and Hooktube didn’t work either. So the “bypass country blocks” stuff didn’t work. Time will tell on the rest, I guess.

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