Warnung, Störrisch Hund!

If my Google Fu is worth a shit, that is German for, Warning, Ornery Bastard!
It’s supposed to be anyway.

A while back I posted a picture of my Bronco with a new bumper sticker on it and Notwende clear over in Austria saw it and wanted one.


So I sent him two.


Wear it with pride my man.

It cracks my ass up to see tailgating idiots slam on the brakes in my rear view mirror once they get close enough to read it.

I guess this means it’s official, I’ve gone Global.


14 thoughts on “Warnung, Störrisch Hund!

  1. I‘d say – loosely translated:
    The term „bastard“ has crept into the German language over the decades. It‘s common now.
    Not so much an ornery bastard, though!
    I only know of two such certified bastards 😂
    Thanks mate, you made my day!


  2. Classic German-language bumper sticker –


    One word, and of course the micro-tiny window chopped off the last letter.
    Translated: “If you can read this, you’re too close.” It’s in Plattdeutsch, which I don’t understand at all. All I ever learned was Hochdeutsch, of course. How to swear, how to ask for the bathroom, how to get a beer, how to tell them to stop shooting, lay down their guns & come out with their hands up. Oh, and how to ask a woman if she wants to play… You know, the important stuff.


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