Spring Is Finally Here!

I made it one more time.

I’m sorry Irish, I know you guys are getting blasted with a huge snowstorm back there on the East coast but it is absolutely fucking gorgeous outside here right now.

Of course it’s only going to be that way today. Tomorrow is back to the usual overcast and rain.

But I’ll take it.

It is so fucking nice to see the sun shining for once.

We had a couple of really nice days last week too, the week before that it snowed all damn week here too.

They say that if you don’t like the weather around here to just wait ten minutes and sometimes that is no joke.

The flowers started blooming around here last week and are going full blast right now.

It’s only the first day of Spring and I’m already going COME ON SUMMER!


9 thoughts on “Spring Is Finally Here!

  1. I didn’t expect to be around to see spring come again. Like you, Phil, I’m a lot closer to 60 than I am to 20.
    This is what comes of not having died yet.


  2. Yup. One tomorrow and they are watching another for Sunday. I guess we are in the jet stream for a bit. The temps are 40s day and 20s at night for a week or two. No spring yet. The last storm was almost two feet and out in the woods behind the house it had barely melted. I buried the four wheeler up past the axles :


  3. Wildflowers are out, and the mesquite trees have started to leaf, no more freezing weather down here in south Texas. But even with a cool, rainy winter, I’m not ready for summer yet. I guess I’m getting soft, but the long days of 100 plus is starting to wear on me…. Fall, Winter and Spring usually last a week or two at most around here……


  4. We‘ve had a couple of warm spring days (up to eighteen degrees Celsius) bur the last couple of days it snowed like mad. Why doesn’t it snow on Christmas Eve? Can’t recall a snowed over countryside on Christmas.


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