5 thoughts on “Even I Have Limits

  1. Before the PC police took over the language, we called that ‘Yankee ingenuity’.
    Been busy moving across town. It sounds like my new upstair neighbors are raising horses in their apartment.
    I need to invent something spectacular so that I can afford to move far away from idiots – far, far away – like beyond the range of a .30-06. Maybe Mars is far away enough.


  2. Damn it ! They fucked up a good looking door. I would have killed the sink if I did that. But then I wouldn’t fuck up like that


  3. I live in a town (As many on the east coast do as well) that was established before the advent of indoor plumbing. They fit bathrooms in wherever they could when plumbing went live. When shopping for a house I looked at one the had the same cutout in the door, but they weren’t as creative. They just left the hole empty. Heh.


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