Using Children As Political Pawns To Protest Gun Related Violence Is Despicable

So thousands of kids across the country are out skipping school and protesting, urged on by parents and teachers to make a political statement.

What I would like to know is what rational adult is going to give two fucks about this?

I sure as shit don’t.


These asshole adults behind this however should sit down and look at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves how far are they willing to go when it comes to using their children as political pawns.

Actions have consequences you idiots.

Teaching your children to become political activists is gonna work out great for you when they turn into little emotional shit head teenagers.

Teenagers have no end of things that send them into little bouts of angst in case you were unaware of this tendency.

Parents that are still breathing  being high on that list.

You just taught your children something I hope bites you right in the ass on multiple occasions in the next fifteen years.

I’d tell you to do some actual parenting but it would be a waste of my time, you obviously don’t know how.

Short sighted morons.



7 thoughts on “Using Children As Political Pawns To Protest Gun Related Violence Is Despicable

  1. I’m not much for organized religion, but the writers can be spot on — Isaiah 3:12 – As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them…

    Things are gonna get sporty in about four years or less, if this keeps up.


  2. It’s easy to manipulate mush-brained emotional kids. And the Liberals are manipulation experts. They never let a good crisis go to waste. If only Trump would bring back “military conscription” for both males and females maybe it would help eradicate the lack of “maturity” we see in current millennials.


  3. Kinda odd. The commie little fuckers can go out and protest/riot FOR gun control/banning and not only is nothing done, but they are applauded and encouraged, but if ONE kid wears a pro-Second Amendment shirt, they are at best, suspended, at worst, expelled.
    Anyone else smell a big fuckin steamy pile of hypocrisy?


    • I would lay odds that things are going to be a tad bit different this time.
      They can pass laws until the cows come home.
      If they want the guns, they are going to have to take them.
      The thing is here, it’;s not us they want to disarm so badly, it’s our children and grand children they are after.


  4. my son(14) didn’t participate but did wear his trump shirt. the neighbors son (16) is in an afternoon work program he left school with the protesters went to work an got 2 extra hours in.

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