Tell The Truth Now

If you suddenly found yourself in the midst of a civil war in this country, who would you be more afraid to go up against out of these two groups of people?

lib militia



I can damn well tell you who I would rather have on my side in a heart beat.



7 thoughts on “Tell The Truth Now

  1. The guys in pic #2 live down the road they are a good bunch 2 of them are deacons at church.
    The guys in pic 3 live up the road they drink a lot and talk big but are pussy whipped wimps.
    The guys in pic #1 are some Fagot friends my daughter met at a comic con furry fantasy shit.
    I will be with group 2 they have god and guns beside the man in the fedora is a crack shot.


  2. Yup, history repeats. Back around 1861, a bunch of city boys went up against a bunch of southern boys who knew how to shoot, not just make a ‘bang’ noise. Those city boys found out. Union
    general Burnside (and others) took that lesson to heart, and later founded the NRA.


  3. Bubba is by far the better marksman. He can practice any time he wants, and most likely knows his ground better than most people know the way to the refrigerator. Think Carlos Hathcock.

    The urban commandos, unless they’re just posers (why is that kid on the left holding his rifle left-handed?) might be better at house-to-house and room entry, but they need at least one 12-gauge pump shotgun w/ 2&3/4″ OO buckshot. Lots of firepower, up close. Unless they’ve got the support of their neighbors, they’re just committing noisy suicide.

    I like group #1. More practiced, better suited to ‘asymmetrical combat.’


  4. I have a feeling that as some as rounds started coming their way, the boys in group A would either curl up and cry, or run like hell while screaming “This can’t happen to us, we got the cool gear.” The guys in group B, they would just deal with the threat, then feed the hogs.


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