Aaaaand, It’s Monday Again


So far it’s gorgeous outside and for once, I am ahead of the game.
I did a bunch of yard work yesterday and got that fucking lawn mowed. Right this minute, my anal retentive neighbor across the street is out scalping his.
You know the type, perfectly manicured lawn, always the first asshole in the neighborhood to put up Christmas lights that get more elaborate every year, cars always washed and waxed.
That kind of guy.
Surprisingly, he looks to be in his early to mid 30’s.
I saw his girlfriend drive by yesterday throwing a good glare my way as she went past.

Heh, fuck you bitch, life is good.

6 thoughts on “Aaaaand, It’s Monday Again

  1. I have a neighbor like that ! He cut one to many bushes on our property line. now he knows my back yard looks worse than my front yard and I drink coffee out back in my underwear :). I don’t think any more bushes will be cut.


  2. Damn. I retired 7 years ago and my every day is your Saturday. Mondays? Just another Saturday. Envious yet??? (tee hee) Save your money.


  3. Prissy, materialist yuppies. For some reason that I haven’t worked out yet, it’s illegal to shoot them.
    I saw an ancient dumptruck in someone’s back yard the other day. It had a really thick, healthy protective layer of moss growing on it – I’m sure you’ve seen something like it. Reading your post about your ‘Pepsi Generation’ neighbors makes me want to buy that truck, get it running again, and park it sideways in their driveway after flattening their mailbox.
    Do they have a small white dog, by any chance?


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