I’ll Bet It’s Been A Very, Very Long Time

Since you’ve heard this little beauty.

I highly recommend headphones and maximum volume to get every bit out of it.

This fucker is a classic baby.


Black Blade, by Blue Oyster Cult.


Fuckin’ A boys and girls, this is the shit.

And just because all y’all treat me so good, here is a bonus kick ass live tune from the boys that you probably haven’t heard since before the turn of the century either.
Don’t let the slow start lull you. Buck Dharma is about to melt your face off with one of the most iconic rock guitar solo’s in recorded history here.

6 thoughts on “I’ll Bet It’s Been A Very, Very Long Time

  1. I always loved BOC. I bought “Tyranny And Mutation” on an 8-track when it was first released and constantly cranked “Hot Rails To Hell” in the ’65 Mustang. You’d think that 45 years later I would have outgrown that kind of stuff. Well, I outgrew fast cars, faster women and partying, but I still crank “Hot Rails To Hell” and it’s ilk in my 2013 Hyundai Tucson. Some things you never outgrow…………


  2. My brother is a big time BOC fan even now. Mostly the old stuff. My first BOC album was SOME ENCHANTED EVENING and it rocked like hell !! MIRRORS was an awesome album too. But I jumped off ship after CLUB NINJA – music had changed too much for my taste.


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