My Ass Is Bleeding

Jesus Fucking Christ, if anyone thinks that the government doesn’t need to be cut down considerably then I strongly suggest they go make a few payments like I just did today.

I had a bunch of running around to do anyway so on my way out the foor, I grabbed the notice from DMV telling me that I needed  to get new tags for the Caballero.

They wanted $84 for tags, for one year, on a rig I don’t drive anymore.

Ya gotta have ’em though, if you are going to park the fucker in the street overnight because the Revenue Generators drive around looking for that shit in this town, big time.

So after I stopped and paid the state $38 for a fucking fishing license, I stopped and got gas. Another $57.

That fishing license?

Yeah, It’s not even any fucking good until NEXT MONTH.

They go April to April in this commie wonderland.

I said Fuck It and got the sonofabitch anyway.

Then to the DMV where I got to sit  for almost an hour before I got called up to be bled dry.

You see, that Caballero is 35 years old now. In this state, anything over 30 years old is eligible for Collector Vehicle plates.

They come with a bunch of restrictions, like you can only drive it occasionally for pleasure, 550 miles a year and things like parades or trips to car shows.

It’s supposed to be a ONE TIME charge of $35 and you never, ever, have to buy tags again.

I’ve had one on the back of the Sprite for 15 years now.

Notice the singular there.

They sent me ONE.

There is also a law in this state that says you have to have a plate on the front too.

But deep in the regulations is a little loophole that says if they only send you one, you have to put in on the back.

So basically, the state is breaking it’s own fucking law and now you get to try and explain this to a brain dead cop who pulls you over for not having a plate on the front.

Oh yeah, you have to surrender your old plates and then wait for the new ones in the mean time.

I actually had one idiot try to tell me that the tags were expired on the back plate when it’s a permanent plate that doesn’t have tags!


So I figured I would go with the collector plates on the Caballero.

Pay $84 every year or $35 once, right?


The little wench gets all the paperwork done, prints everything out and then informs me that it costs $128 motherfucking dollars!

Wait, what?!

How did it go from $35 to $128?!

Oh, well then, there is the transfer fee, the new plates fee, the weight tax because it’s a pick up and my fucking eyes glazed over and I didn’t hear another fucking thing she said after that because the pulse in my head drowned everything else out.

This almost one month to the day after shelling out almost $300 to transfer the title and get new plates on the Bronco, also another 30 year old vehicle.

There is a huge effort on the part of the police in this town to bust people who live here but run Oregon plates on their cars.

Oregon being right across the bridge and ten minutes away.

That’s because they tax the holy living shit out of you when you register your car here and it goes by the value of the car or what you paid for it. Just under 9% if I recall.

Do the math on a $20,000 car and you see why people try to avoid that.

They don’t have an income tax in this state so they tax the fuck out of everything else and I do mean everything./


So between the fishing license, buying gas that is taxed out the ass by the state and my little trip to DMV,  I dropped well over $150 today on plain old everyday things that used to cost 1/4th of that thirty years go.

They’ve literally got ya coming and going.

14 thoughts on “My Ass Is Bleeding

  1. It’s illegal to cheat on your taxes unless you’re a corporate bigwig or a prominent Libtard ventriloquist’s dummy. Then, it becomes mandatory.
    The Washington Soviet Socialist Republic (henceforth to be called the WSSR) has laid on so many restrictions for fishing that just looking at fish is taxable. You need to have a lawyer on retainer just to bait a hook, and they charge extra for getting up at 3 a.m. Next comes license plates for the fish.


    • Dude, I shit you not, if you look at the fishing regulations for just one river, the Kalama, you literally need to be not only a lawyer, but a fucking surveyor too.
      I think there are five or six different sections of that river that all have their own special rules and for an example, one of the boundaries is “two hundred yards from the discharge pipe of the hatchery” and another one is “from the Red Barn”.
      Special tackle rules, no bait rules, no barbed hook rules, catch and release only rules, all on one fucking river and God help ya if you stray across one of their damn boundaries while following one set of rules and not following the rules for that section of water.


  2. Whoa…
    Couldn’t you try seeing if from the sunny side?
    If you’d have to pay income tax it seems to me that the overall bill would be much, much higher, wouldn’t it?
    If so, well see it as a saving that didn’t get as big as you once believed it would be.


      • I see. What if you’re an employee? Will they snatch away the income tax every month like they do over here? Once a year I can declare my expenses which usually means I get tax I paid too much the the year before back. I did that this month and received some 1,600 Euros.


        • The Federal government takes taxes out of every paycheck. If the state you live in has an income tax, so do they. At Tax Time, April 15th of the next year, if they took out more than you actually owe, you get the overpayment back. Just like you.
          The state I live in does not have an income tax so they tax the living shit out of everything else.
          I wind up paying way more in taxes that way over the course of a year except a lot of them are called fees.
          Same result, it comes out of my ass pocket and goes to the local or state government.
          BTW, the city and county both have their own taxes and rates too.
          I gotta pay all those all the time too.

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  3. Could be worse. In the People’s Republic of Kalifornia the fees are higher AND there is a high income tax.Seems the funds are used to support anything you are against.


  4. So, I thought my combo hunting/fishing license, here in Texas, at $32.00 a year, was high. Oh yeah, now I remember why I live in Texas. We do not have state income tax either.


  5. Paid my fees for a ’89 F-250 4x the other day. The Peoples Republik of Kalifornistan got me for $269. I also own 3 snow machines ,a boat,a dirt bike, a Toyota 4Runner and a ’61 CJ5. I should at least have a preferred customer line at the DMV.


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