Still One Of My All Time Favorites

Back in ’99 I went on vacation with my Aunt, Uncle and their two young daughters, in a mini van, from Portland to Mt. Rushmore and points in between. It was quite the trip.

We made it to Yellowstone park the first day, spent the night and then got up early and started out to Mt. Rushmore.

We were also going to stop in Nebraska on our way back for a family reunion but weren’t in any hurry.


I listened to this tape and this song in particular on my little headphones both ways, loud enough that it drove everyone else crazy.

We left Mt. Rushmore just as it was getting dark, planning to hit a motel nearby and spend the night.

What we found out was that there were two different conventions going on at the same time in the nearest big city and there wasn’t an empty motel room available for a hundred square miles.

We wound up driving from Yellowstone park in Western Wyoming, to Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota and then back down to a tiny little town in Nebraska called Valentine in one shot, before we finally found a room to fall down in at two in the morning

18 hours of driving as I recall.

We were all about ready for a sanitarium by then.

I still love this tune though.

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