I Don’t Make Recommendations To Read Things Very Often But I Think Everyone Should Go Read This

I’m serious, you will be glad you did.

A gent named Wes penned a description of what growing up was like for him and Kenny posted it over at Knuckle Draggin’ My Life Away.

You should have clicked on it already, I couldn’t add to that if I wanted to.

3 thoughts on “I Don’t Make Recommendations To Read Things Very Often But I Think Everyone Should Go Read This

  1. I read it a little while ago and was really disappointed when his narrative ended. I was left wanting much more………………..


  2. Just think what is being lost on valuable hands on knowledge within just two generations!
    I can recall my grandma nit having a fridge but instead a dark little chamber with a big wooden box inside with a vent hole to the outside that had a bug netting over it so no flies or other critters could enter.
    Or the farmer‘s home I often dropped by as a child to play with the kids and the secret rummaging in the pantry (no fridge) and finding a cake glazed over with a mixture of sugar and poppyseed – only to find out this wasn’t poppy but ants 😂
    Or the outhouse with a contraption you could sit on and everything just dropped deep down in that hole and the toilet paper wasn’t toilet paper but neatly cut newspaper…
    Hell, I grew up without anything being digital! No computer, no VHS videos or DVD‘s – not even pocket calculators or Quarz wristwatches. The cars (except the French and Italian ones) were built to last and if you saw a casing of some kitchen gadget that looked metallic it actually WAS made of metal and not painted plastic.
    And when the summertime came and school was over for two incredibly long months I went out barefoot after breakfast and returned sometime in the evening – and nobody was bitching because of my bare feet or because my parents didn’t „look after me“.
    Sorry, I‘m digressing.
    That was some real good reading, Phil. I guess that guy grew up in the Fifties, didn’t he?


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