10-4 Good Buddy!


I got that little CB radio mounted and wired up in less than an hour.

I’m going to just re-use the stock picture I posted on the last thread for three reasons, mine is mounted exactly the same, the stock picture shows a vehicle with a clean interior, mine does not even remotely look that good.

cb install

There were already two holes in the dash where the microphone mount is in this picture from someone else putting one there so I just re-used them.

One of these days when it stays light out longer and the sun is actually shining, I’ll get around to detailing the interior of mine. It’s not completely trashed but it is dirty and was that way when I got it. I use it as a get to work rig anyway and have never been overly concerned about appearance to begin with.

It is the same color of interior though.

As long as there isn’t a bunch of trash and shit flying around, I’m good.


So yesterday, I got the antenna installed.



Today, I drilled a couple of holes in the console, mounted the radio and then poked a little hole in the carpet just in front of it. I used a cut off coat hanger, taped the leads from the radio to one end and fished them up under the carpet  to the end of it under the dash.

Then I took the big fuse panel/knee kick cover off and routed them around shit so they aren’t hanging down or going to get tangled up in anything and ran them over to the fuse panel. There was just enough wire to make it and that worked perfect.

There was an unused constant power tap in the fuse panel so I crimped a male spade terminal end on the power wire and then used an existing screw with ten ground rings on it to ground the thing. When I took that screw out, six unused and clipped off ground rings fell off onto the floor from where I went in earlier and cut out all that extra wire bullshit. After it was grounded, I hooked the hot wire up, installed the jumper cable and the SWR meter I got off Ebay to tune the antenna with and turned it on.

No smoke came out of it so I figured that was a good sign.

I turned it to channel 1 and hit the mic to transmit, looked down at the meter annnnnnnnd , nothing.

I double checked all the connections and shit but got nothing from the meter on channel 1 or 40.

Go figure.

I said Fuck It and took that shit back out, hooked up the antenna direct and turned the thing to channel 17. The antenna I bought was designed for CB’s so I am just going to let it ride for now and hope for the best.

Lo and behold, I hear people talking!

I let them get finished and then broke in for a radio check. Two seconds later I hear a guy 5X5 like he is sitting right next to me and he says the same about me.

So it works!

He said he was about a mile away so I know it  goes that far. He said he had just got his going too so he was glad his worked also. So I just sat there and listened for a few minutes and pretty soon here comes another guy who says he can hear us both and he is in Kalama, about thirty miles North of both of us.

Must be some pretty good skip around here.

Then I heard another guy from downtown Portland.

I checked the weather station function, which is what I was most interested in and it works fine too.

That made me very happy.

I wrapped it up and put everything away for once and called it good.

I have just upgraded my Red Neck bonafides as planned and are a member in good standing at the moment.

After I got done putting things away, I did a little digging and came up with the finishing touch for the day.



That’s right,



9 thoughts on “10-4 Good Buddy!

  1. Great job on the C.B. just be sure and take it out when in questionable parts of town. The C.B. is not a fortune but a smashed window is a bitch. Please post where you got the bumper sticker I want one or three .


    • The, ah, bumper stickers are not available for sale, anywhere.
      I had them custom made in exchange for some advertising at an old blog I no longer update and I had to cut the bottom of it off because of that.
      I do still have a few left.
      For you my man, if you contact my Email and send me a mailing address, I will cut a couple down and send them to you next weekend.

      It’s Bustednuckles AT Gmail DOT Com.
      Turn that into a regular Email address and let me know.


  2. I got a yellow diamond shaped (“Baby on Board” style) sign in my vehicle’s back window that reads: OLD FART ON BOARD. Since I do the speed limit on the local roads the sign is an added hyper-millennial engager. PS: I “carry” so I don’t give a shit.


  3. Congrats on getting the installation working. Don’t care how many times I’ve done it, it’s always good to know it works when I’m done.


  4. Phil

    Dud SWR meter. Open it up and you will probably find an unsoldered wire, bad switch or cracked trace. Great you have it working. My CB has been collecting dust for going on 35 years, No fookin space in modern cars to put that stuff. Need to find another 65 Impala with a 327 corvette engine, should never have sold that car.


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