Swing That Bitch

My fucking back is killing me right this second just from a so-so day at work.

I had my lower back fused thirty three years ago and it’s been fucked up since I was 20.

I have literally lived in daily pain for thirty eight years now.

Trying to do this would put me on the ground and then lay my ass up for a week at least.

That is an 8 pound sledge, minimum, probably a 10 pounder and that boy knows how to get shit done.

old school

That is Old School there and he did 5 to the jack hammer’s 2.



9 thoughts on “Swing That Bitch

  1. I’ve driven many a stake, and railroad spikes. The young man is good, and accurate.

    The jackhammer is electric. I’ve used them before, they hit like little girls. With a pneumatic spike driver, he’d put the young man to shame, and the spike driver would never get tired.


  2. Yes…..the old school tool gets it done, sometimes better than the modern ones but the guy running the jackhammer can work all day every day for decades. The guy swinging the sledgehammer will be trashed by 30.


  3. Try that shit 120′ up in an oil derrick and by the way I was 38 years of age. Use to saw off 8 inch’s a 8lb hammer, stick it in my belt and climb the latter. I’ll never forget my tool pusher’s words…. Take this motherfucker and hit that bitch until it’s fucking tight! Got it? Oh and if you drop it, someone’s gonna die down here.


    • I have that exact jackhammer with the large bore SDS bits. It can take several different attachments, it works for hours on end, and it can be operated by anyone who can hold it upright, mash the trigger and keep it pointed in the right direction. It takes out concrete, it sinks duckbill anchors, it drives ground rods and rebar and steel spikes. It does not care. Junior will be worn out before the jackhammer operator will even need a cup of coffee. It has a nice handcart for the hammer and the tools too…


  4. Used to swing a 12 pounder daily when I was doing concrete work. Most of what we did was residential tear out and replace. Believe it or not, a 12 pound sledge (+ a 6ft prybar) was easier, quicker cheaper and cleaner than using a 90 pound jack hammer for tearing out flat work. You also disturb the sub grade much less making set up easier and quicker too.

    Once I figured that shit out I got paid more money and the boss made more and avoided rental fees on jack hammers to boot.


  5. They forgot to tell him that they were lag bolts.

    I switched to lags and screws because I couldn’t hit jack with a free hamme of any size.


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