14 thoughts on “SF Cops Shoot 65 bullets In 15 Seconds At Murder Suspect Inside RV.

  1. I love the third or fourth camera angle, when it shows the cop fall down because he runs into the car when the “bad guy” starts shooting; which then causes the other cop to trip. Classic, almost stooge-esqe.


  2. I honestly see one major problem with this video… and it’s the lack of concern for what’s beyond that tin can they shot CLEAN through… the first guy that went down actually looked to me to do so purposely in order to get his own line of fire on “target”. In what’s referred to as “urban prone”. The second guy to fall did trip over his partner, but recovered to put sights on “target” and subsequently rounds on “target”. I can’t say anyone I’ve ever trained with could have done better in that stacked up mess. I can see if you’ve never been in a stress induced training scenario how this might look like a bunch of morons playing paint ball trying to look like operators. Specially the lack of training those in the video have likely had since police academy. MHO


  3. This is an example of the militarization of cops. This is SUPPRESSIVE fire. Thy can’t see the target….they only have a general idea where the fire was coming from but they went ahead and launched dozens of rounds in the general direction of a PERCIEVED target with no regard for who or what they might hit inadvertently. These are MILITARY tactics employed by COWARDS. They engage in this insanity because they are NEVER held personally accountable for the death and destruction their GI Joe mindset causes. We must end he insanity of “Qualified Immunity” and punish these incompetents both civilly and criminally or such egregious misconduct. They are NOT soldiers and therefore may NOT act like soldiers. If they want to play soldierr they need to join he military. This isn’t rocket science….these are public SERVANTS and we need to remind them of that and treat them accordingly. That means NO FREE PASSES for stupid, dangerous and criminal acts.


  4. I have shot with law enforcement people in competition including DEA, FBI, Treasury agents, and local patrol officers. I would estimate 85% could not hit a 12 X 14 inch steel target at 10 yards. Which makes me angry because the lazy fucks get free ammo, free firearms, free range time, all paid for by my tax dollars. But they would rather I pay the multi-million dollar lawsuit that gets filed when they miss their target and hit an innocent bystander. Assholes.


  5. Brailsford’s buddies.
    What takes “2:00 a.m. courage” is to walk up to the suspect’s (I effing HATE it when they call people ‘subjects’. This isn’t some half-assed monarchy!) vehicle calmly and talk him down. This is an example of what cowardly assassins think police work is.


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