Responsible Gun Owners Should Never Shop At Dick’s Sporting Goods Again

They very publicly announced again that they will no longer sell “Assault Style Weapons”, magazines that hold over ten rounds and even went so far as to call for an “Assault Weapons Ban”.


Do please go read that linked article so you can see for yourself what a bunch of virtue signaling weasels they really are.


In other words, they have declared their wishes to go bankrupt as far as I can see.

There is one of their stores twenty minutes away from where I live and I have never set foot in it. You can bet your ass I will make sure I never do now.

Like I said in my last post, it is way past time for responsible, law abiding gun owners to exercise their considerable economic and political clout.

Tell your friends and family that Dick’s Sporting Goods very publicly asked Congress to infringe on your 2nd Amendment protected, God given right to defend yourself.

Take your business elsewhere and let their business die a long slow death by attrition as it should.


Because Fuck You Dick’s, That’s Why.

19 thoughts on “Responsible Gun Owners Should Never Shop At Dick’s Sporting Goods Again

    • They weren’t all that great on prices most of the time. I only mostly went there for ammo, too. A friend at work used to give me coupons for $10 off a $50 purchase. I’d use them when Dick’s (aptly named) had a sale on bricks of .22LR for $15/brick and buy four at a time. That was a long time ago. Haven’t gone there since……….


  1. DON’T just sit there. Protest!

    Make a ‘sandwich-sign’, painted with some semi-obscene wording (like, “Dicks Sucks”, “Honk if you hate Dicks”), and parade in front of your local Dick’s store. BE SURE you are on the PUBLIC RIGHT-OF-WAY (the grassy area near the road/highway).

    Send out a Press-Release email – an hour or so in advance – to your local TV and other media. Then, don’t forget to show-up, rain or shine. Time it early in the day so your protest will be on the evening news. Bring some friends, set-up a BBQ, have a spokesperson.

    If the gun-grabbers can do it, so can we …


  2. If it’s not illegal to sell to under 21’s, doesn’t that make them guilty of age discrimination?
    Any lawyers looking to make an easy win? Gather a few, make it a class action, and they win the gold. (Not that I like lawyers, but at least they’d be Useful in this case.)


    • Wal Mart probably wasn’t lying when they gave their reasoning that the tacticool stuff wasn’t moving.

      They didn’t make an anti-gun press release when they ended tactical gun sales either.

      The get a bit of credit for that.

      That they completely squander by adding age discrimination to ammo sales…


  3. Your boy Donald just sat down next to Feinstein and announced that he would support confiscation of firearms without due proses. You know like Obama wanted too. MAGA right? That didn’t last long.


    • Did you listen to the wording? He’s playing those morons like the balls in a Pachinko machine. Same as he did with the DACA deal. He even said he’d be for breaking due process, just to get them drooling and shaking their heads yes, while all along he knows that if they support it, they would go down in flames. I love watching this guy play 3-D chess against checker players.


        • I’m wondering if he isn’t playing them like a fish too. DI Fi’s panties got wet for the first time since 1956 when he told her to go ahead and put her ban in for a vote. I’m thinking they won’t have the votes and he knows it so he can shut her the fuck up for good.


          On Thu, Mar 1, 2018 at 7:46 AM, The Vulgar Curmudgeon wrote:



  4. The one in Washington Square had the “security” guards ask me to stop flipping off the store when I walked by. I politely declined, and told them if the wanted to ban me, go ahead – I’ll spend my money in another mall. Left alone to extend my finger, as is my Constitutional Right.


  5. I called A couple local Dick’s looking for clearance armite style guns, was told they haven’t carried them after sandy hook


  6. They pissed me off a few years ago. On vacation in VA and wanted to buy some ..22lrs. No problem until I get to checkout. Fucking credit card machine asked me if I was a US citizen. I said No (Canadian). Holy shit! Head honcho comes over and treats me like I’m a Commie or Arab. We live in a border city and Dick(less) advertises in our local paper. I will never, ever go into that store. Now I understand Gander Mountain is owned by Dicks. Same with them. Fuck em all.


  7. I remember their craven cave-in after Sandy Hook. I vowed then never to do business with them and never have. And now they are a month away from opening a store in my town, and I’ll really get to shun them. There’s already a Cabela’s a couple miles down the road from them that I’ll be happy to keep using. As for dick’s, I’ll be happy to see them go down the same road to ruin as Sports Authority and Gander Mountain did here recently.


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