You Don’t Have Enough Ammo

Unless you have to start worrying about structural damage and the load bearing capabilities of your floors.

Feel free to spread any and all of these around.













10 thoughts on “You Don’t Have Enough Ammo

  1. Busy still cleaning out and organizing the garage this morning. Finally, after all these years, decided to label the ammo cans. That took quite a while. Still don’t have enough………….

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    • YO! as to the labeling. use the 2 INCH WIDE TAN MASKING TAPE. Tip: put tape on the front AND back sides as well as the TOP.

      This way, when you stack them under your bedstead or on higher shelves or in rafters, an quick “eyeball” knows what’s there.

      Also–all of my ASAP GO TO stuff, like the jacketed hollow point .45ACP, 9mm and M193 5.56mm is marked in BRIGHT RED and/or DAY GLOW for quick use when things go “bump in the night.”

      A 5gr silica gel dessi pack in the .30 cal ammo cans and two of the 5gr in the .50 cal ammo boxes soothes my humid soul here.

      AMMO UP!


  2. Hey my understanding, no shit in a live fire combat situation, couple of reasons why you cant have too much ammo. I remember when Miss Ann Barnhardt stated it bunch of years back: Take a look at what you have stockpiled. Double it.

    Rule #1:
    You can’t have enough ammo.
    Rule #2:
    See Rule #1

    I can see one can run through a personal combat load of 13 30 round mags, 390rds, and break into your bandoleer re-loads, getting out of an ambush or trading suppressive fire with dug in enemy, in minutes. Weight of effective fire is everything in the first seconds & minutes.
    Its why a belt fed or at least a good designated marksman, or two, properly positioned is so valuable.

    I believe too, you need all the ammo you can get to survive long enough to withdraw or live long enough for a flanking team get up on the enemy.
    Everyone wants to kill the guy with the belt fed. They really want to kill the belt fed when it gets on target and starts to chew through cover.
    Only the guy with the flame thrower is feared more than the belt fed guy.

    Kind of better to die in a pile of brass and extra unused ammo…
    Probably not too good to die because you ran out because you didn’t have enough extra ammo. That would be some last thoughts frustrating shit right there.

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      • Wonder if it has been attempted before. Its a lot to hump thru the bush, but what could you do with an entire platoon all armed with belt feds, along with a combat experienced ammo re-supply sections keeping the belt feds fed?
        If your going to employ the fire power and suppression qualities of belt fed weapons, why not go whole hog?


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