More MAGA? Trump Wants To Revive Steel Jobs Even If It Takes Tariffs

Jobs like that were once the backbone of this country.

Looking at long term possibilities, it’s going to take jobs like that and a revived steel industry in particular  to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure we have and it’s a damn good place to start.


Trump says wants to revive steel jobs even if it takes import tariffs


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday said he wants to bring the steel industry back to America even if it means applying tariffs to imports from other countries.

“I want to bring the steel industry back into our country. If that takes tariffs, let it take tariffs, OK? Maybe it will cost a little bit more, but we’ll have jobs,” Trump told a meeting at the White House with state governors.

The U.S. Commerce Department has recommended Trump impose curbs on steel and aluminum imports from China and other countries. On Friday, the White House had said Trump has not yet made a final decision on the matter.

Reporting by Roberta RamptonEditing by Chizu Nomiyama

Looks like he thought about it over the weekend.

There would be a cascade effect of course, both positive and negative but in the long run I see the plus outweighing the minus bigly.

It takes heavy equipment to make steel. There is one right there.
It takes big trucks and lots of train cars to move steel, that shit is heavy.
There’s another one.
Just one steel plant coming back on line could easily support a small community.

It takes a lot of electricity to make modern steel.

The implications of such a resurgence can not be overstated.

The Chinese have been accused of dumping cheap steel into this country for a long time, not always the best quality either.
I remember a certain bridge down in California that was built exclusively with Chinese steel that was found to be substandard.

This could be a real shot in the arm for this country.


3 thoughts on “More MAGA? Trump Wants To Revive Steel Jobs Even If It Takes Tariffs

  1. This is a double edged sword.
    I use steel to manufacture a product that I market here in New England.
    The steel is 1/2 of the production price with labor and other materials, paint, gas, welding wire, and transportation making up the remainder.
    Steel took a 100% increase a few years ago when China was using so much of it to rebuild all the cities that were in undated by the Three Rivers Gorges project as well as the Olympics held in Beijing.
    Before that my prices had been stable for at least ten years.
    The cost of my product will have to go up again if steel increases.
    It’s just that simple.
    Overall, these basic industries coming back to domestic production will absolutely fuel inflation, but will, long term, be good for the employees, if they don.t get too greedy.


    • But how many employee’s? I’d guess 25% of what it used to take before they left. Due to Automation, wage laws, overtime, Union?
      Those may be Good jobs. Or could they even be “cheap” jobs. Depends on what it takes to make a good product with “Just watch the dials, Jimmy. The machines will do the rest.”


  2. One concept might be viable is to operate hi tech mini mills, which you can locate near to metallurgical grade coking coal mines. Some of these mines in WV and KTY already have the high voltage transmission lines, road networks, water systems and waste water recycling systems, train tracks, these are vast reclaimed land works custom made for industrial parks just sitting unused ready to be employed. They are remote locations, plenty of trained highly experienced technical skilled labor dying for skilled craft jobs live nearby. In two states that are destitute from the marxists war on coal.


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