If you aren’t familiar with Q and what has been going on behind the scenes since last October regarding the fight against the Deep State then you are woefully behind the times and uninformed.

The very first thing you need to do is head on over to this post at The Burning Platform and get the background foundation material.




Basically, this Q entity is someone very high up in Trumps inner circle who has been dripping cryptic messages and clues about the crimes and activities of various Deep State operators to message boards like 4Chan and 8Chan so that the public can unravel the clues and follow the threads and be able to piece together a legal case against all these very, fucking, evil, sonsabitches.

It has been hinted at repeatedly that the networks involved are so vast and the evil acts committed so horrendous that the average person will not be able to handle the implications.

The reason that this Q is doing this is to let the public know that Trump and his administration are deadly serious about exposing the Deep State and crushing it permanently but that they can not just dump the evidence they have because of the way it was collected. They claim to have access to all of it and are doing their homework to flay open the rotting carcass of the Deep State and all of its networks.


Think NSA, Fusion Centers and all of the ways that the government has been illegally collecting every bit of information on everyone, everywhere, for the past twenty years.

They have it all right at their fingertips.

By dropping these hints and clues, the “autists”, “nerds” or whatever you want to call them, are able to scour the web and collect evidence that is already out there and collate it into a coherent chain of events which is usable in court because the governments fingerprints aren’t on it.


There are obviously people who claim it is all a big Larping hoax but I have been following this for a while and the evidence to the contrary is starting to pile up.


We are talking every conspiracy theory you ever imagined and things so despicable you couldn’t possibly imagine.

At every level of government, in every government.

This isn’t just recent criminal activity either, some of this stuff goes back a hundred years. to the infancy of the Deep State.

All of it is going to come out eventually.

Pizzagate, Uranium One,  Fast and Furious, the banks rigging the finances of the entire world, the CIA’s dirty laundry,  every single crooked politician and the skeletons in their closets, all of it.

So I would suggest you go to the bathroom and then get some lunch before you settle in and start chasing down the rabbit holes because it will literally take you days to follow up and get up to speed.

Yes, there are crazies involved and yes, you will see some ridiculously stupid shit on your journey but the one thing that you will come to realize eventually is that someone, finally, is trying to expose every fucking bit of the cancer that has taken over this entire planet and just how pervasive the corruption is.

I fervently hope once that realization hits home that you use that moment to do what you can to spread the word.

Then go long on popcorn futures because the show is about to start.

Make no mistake, this is a battle to the death and these evil cocksuckers are going to fight with everything they have to stay out of the sunlight.

This will go a long ways towards explaining these false flag events and the constant

attempts by the media to change the subject every thirty seconds to keep you distracted and divided.

They are an integral part of the problem and are attempting to cover their asses too.



4 thoughts on “Q

  1. Following since early November. Surely hope it’s not going to take all year to see some good stuff happen, but 6yrs is better than never.
    Sure hoping I see that bitch swing, tho.


  2. Exposing the Deep State! A truly herculian task!
    John Fitzgerald Kennedy didn’t as openly declare war against this evil but his declared will to unravel the CIA and his speech against hidden societies was enough reason for the Deep State to kill this man I always considered the best President the United States ever had – until Donald Trump took over the Oval Office.
    He may not be as glamorous as JFK but he seems to be as determined – if not more so.
    Let’s pray for his wellbeing and that all good spirits keep an eye on his brave man!


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