That’s my Caballero there in the back.
That ought to give you an idea of how much snow we have had and even though you can’t see it in that crappy cell phone picture, it’s snowing a bit right now, still.

It’s supposed to quit for the afternoon and then we get a rain/snow mix except anything up in the hills around here will probably just get more snow.

I’ve been around here for the better part of 25 years at least and I can remember getting some snow in February a few times but never a multiple day thing like this.
Al Gore can suck my dick.

It makes me wonder what it is that people do where this shit is normal.
I’d go fucking stir crazy.
Guess that’s where snowmobiles and shit like that come from.
I was fairly busy yesterday dealing with the cat’s final arrangements and other things along with all the running around town that went with it and there is still quite the punch list of crap I could be doing so after I drink a pot of coffee I know I won’t be able to just sit here on my ass and something will get done.
It’s like my Old Man used to say,
I’m gonna do something, even if it’s wrong.

4 thoughts on “Really?!

  1. “It’s a Dry cold.” Other people who live with snow don’t get PNW wet crap snow.
    Yesterday, sun down was a perfect set up for snow: cold air, frozen ground, moisture clouds moving in. Yah baby, we’re gonna get some honest snow without a northeaster blowing!
    Nope. by 9 pm the sky was clear.
    Thank God the wind isn’t blowing or this would suck.
    At least it isn’t April.


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