Just Lovely

I picked the wrong week to take a vacation.

It snowed pretty much all day here yesterday but it didn’t start sticking until the sun went down.

I just went outside for a minute and there is 3 inches of snow everywhere and it’s colder than a well diggers ass .

So much for doing anything on the Bronco.

There is other shit/drama going on around here at the moment but I’m going to keep that under my hat for the time being. It’s part of life and needs to be dealt with so I will.

The Wifely Unit is still pretty much stuck at her folks because of the snow, they are at a higher elevation and got whacked but good and she is afraid to drive in it so I am enjoying a rare streak of peace and quiet otherwise.

I did get to go out to lunch with a guy who reads the blog and leaves comments sometimes. We had done that before a couple of years ago and he was in town for a bit so we went and grabbed a bite to eat and shot the shit for a while. A good man that guy and it was a great pleasure to see him again.

I am looking forward to seeing him again when the chance comes and wish him well.

So I guess with the weather being all shitty I am going to wind up out in the garage later. There is no shortage of shit that needs to get done out there so maybe I can actually get something accomplished.

We shall see.

First I have to turn the heater on for a while.


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