ANTIFA Still Around, Still Getting Their Asses Kicked

Who knew?

I thought they all retreated to Mommy’s basement to play video games.

Apparently they are slow learners. Five guys took on a whole crowd of the losers and cleaned house.

BTW, a couple of them find out what Gender Equality means in the real world too.

3 thoughts on “ANTIFA Still Around, Still Getting Their Asses Kicked

  1. I’m 74 years old. We never would have had this antifa problem when I was a young man. We would have nipped it in the bud before they had a chance to get started.
    Playing on computers and i phones will not prepare anyone for the real world violence they seem to think they want. They count on outnumbering their victims 10 to 1 but when the numbers don’t work out they are in real trouble.
    Grew up on a farm with avg of 120 dairy and 750 beef cattle. 15000 acres of pasture, hay fields, and what seemed like a million miles barb wire fence to keep in repair.
    They have no idea of what the real world is and probably will never know.
    Paul in Texas


    • I agree completely. I’ll bet not one of those punks has ever had a job where they had to bust their asses doing hard physical labor. I would wager that even at 58 years old myself, I could work circles around any one of them. Another thing I noticed about that altercation was that they were in no hurry to pull back any farther than the corner to start their crying. If someone was serious about putting the hurt on them they could have just kept kicking their asses.
      Typical thugs when outnumbering their opponents, they do not seem to have the sense God gave a Billy goat when the shoe is on the other foot.
      I believe that if they continue their stupidity that they are going to run into some people who are serious about hurting them and they don’t seem to grasp the possible implications of that.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, it’s guys like you who have been to Grandma’s house before that they should be really worried about. You know the old saying, never pick a fight with an old guy, they might just kill you.


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