So, You Want To Ban And Confiscate All The Guns In This Country?

I see this bullshit all over from the soaking wet panties crowd about how “THEY” want to just ban all the guns and then confiscate them.


Apparently these people have absolutely no fucking clue as to just how many guns there actually are in this country.

many gunz


So let me put it this way.


It is obviously way beyond your ability to comprehend.


You see occasionally what the odds of winning the lottery are?

Something like 1 in 300 million?

There are more guns than that in this country.


Nobody actually knows, all anyone can do is estimate.


So before you whip your mental dick out in public and start masturbating furiously in front of everyone, remember that.

Hundreds. Of. Millions..

So while I’m at it here, let me take a couple of swings with the Clue Bat for the rest of you ignorant fucks out there that keep pushing for more and more restrictive gun laws.

You are wasting your time.

I’ll tell you what, why don’t you call the Attorney General in Connecticut first thing tomorrow morning and ask him what the compliance rate  for the “Assault Weapon” ban they passed a couple of years ago is.

Then do the same thing for New York State.

What’s that you say?

Ten percent, maybe?


Then ask them when they are going to send the National Guard, along with the State and local police departments in to go door to door and get all those now illegal guns and arrest the lawbreakers who refuse to turn them in?


Oh, no plans to do that anytime soon eh?

That’s what I thought.

Let me leave you with this little fact.

They could stop making any new guns of any kind tomorrow morning and there would still be enough of them in this country already to last a hundred lifetimes.


How many of your laws do you seriously think will last that long?


Think for a minute about just how many laws are on the books already that get completely ignored every fucking day.


Tens of thousands of them.

You think one more is going to make any difference to me or millions of guys just like me?

Not fucking hardly.

You have already turned every single citizen of this country into an Outlaw in some way or another anyway.

Some of us just take a little more pride in it than others.

After all,  this country was founded by Outlaws, remember?






8 thoughts on “So, You Want To Ban And Confiscate All The Guns In This Country?

  1. Dead aim on target with this post. These anti 2nd’s never let a tragedy go to waste. Its not gun control they want, even when they add the silliest of words to it like “common sense” as in “common sense gun control” – its a ban they want – I say good luck with that…


  2. The quoted “300Million” that everyone loves. Is only the number of firearms registered in the US since NICS went into effect 25 years ago. No one but god has any idea how many functional firearms are actually out there. BUT: Conservative estimates, based on the numbers of firearms manufactured since 1880, and import numbers since WW2 (including reproduction muzzleloaders and working pre1899 “smokeless”firearms) place the numbers of WORKING weapons in the US at well north of 700 million firearms. One of the big secrets that the Japanese don’t want the world to know is that even with the worlds most restrictive anti-gun laws. The Japanese police confiscate 200,000(mostly Russian) firearms and over 1 million rounds of ammunition a year. If Gun control doesn’t work in Japan, it cannot be made to work anywhere. P.S. The primary reason that the Firearms industry has promoted weapons like the AR and Glock is: A traditionally made wood and steel firearm has a life span measured in century’s. Plastic and soft alloys are used up in decades. It’s planned obsolescence.


    • The Japanese police confiscate 200,000(mostly Russian) firearms and over 1 million rounds of ammunition a year.

      Interesting. Do you have a link / reference for that?


  3. Bravo, Phil. I wish I had the same “slam-Dunk” ability to get a message out there as you. I sent it to some friends with the proviso: “I didn’t compose this message, but I agree with it 100% and I endorse it!”

    Screw the Liberals!


  4. I will support a total gun ban just as soon as….
    everyone on the left supports a total ban on abortion.
    both are for the children after all.


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